Meet Kristine

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I’m a person who cares deeply about you having a work life you’re in love with. About you being the commander of your own destiny and embracing your “unemployability” as an entrepreneur. I’m a woman who was so fed up with her work life working for someone else that she created a business of her own. For many years I looked for my place in Corporate America, trying different industries, companies, and working circumstances, thinking that if I could just find that one, right spot, my work life would finally click into place.  All the while, there was a little voice in the back of my mind saying: work for yourself! work for yourself!  It wasn’t until my coaching training that I realized I could play to my strengths professionally, as well as fulfill my desire to be self-employed… Now I work for myself, choose my clients with care, and do my best to affect positive change in the world. Personally, I’m dog obsessed and frequently take notes on cocktail napkins and the back of used envelopes. My musical tastes run the gamut from the Velvet Underground to Thelonious Monk to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. I love eating great food with a glass of wine.  If you see me at the dog park, a concert, or having a cocktail, please come and say hi.


“Official” Bio:


Kristine is an experienced presenter blending traditional learning with the knowledge that comes from life’s experiences. She is passionate about you unplugging from the collective and finding success on your own terms, and has brought small business owners and independent minded professionals the clarity that’s required to build and maintain a successful career. Using this approach your days flow with more ease, you make more money, and you have more fun! She is a Professional Certified Coach, Catalyst and Director of Training and Licensing for Get Clients Now! When she’s not working she can be found enjoying a glass of wine, watching and reading science fiction, or listening to music from her vinyl collection.

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