Does Your Attention Follow Your Intention?

Does Your Attention Follow Your Intention

Does your attention really follow the intention you’re trying to support? As an entrepreneur, what do you really focus on when you have so much to do each day? Is there a different between where you put your attention vs your intention? Discover how to link your focus and priorities so you can bring your…

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Living & Working with What Matters Most

Living and Working with what matters most

What’s truly important to you in life and business? Chances are it’s a pretty short list, so why would you spend your time doing anything other than those things? And yet, it’s so easy to do without realizing it. Imagine a life where the majority of your time was spent on only those things that…

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Easy as Pie

Have you ever noticed when you put focused attention on something that a lot of times something else gets easier? A colleague shared with me that as she put more attention on her money life – cleaning up bills,  balancing the checkbook and the like – she suddenly felt as though she had more time.…

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Is Your Schedule Just Right for You?

Is Your Schedule Just Right for You?

Scheduling has been a tricky thing for me over the years. Sometimes my schedule seems too full, sometimes it seems too empty, and it can fluctuate between these two extremes quickly. I used to stress out about this a lot, especially when I was a new business owner, trying to find the right balance. While…

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