Client Experiences

"Kristine is an insightful, informed, honest coach who excels in individualizing her approach to suit the client wherever he or she is on their career/life journey. Using a vast array of tools and approaches, she combines strong business savvy with a holistic, spiritually based technique that honors the individual and their values. I highly recommend Kristine as a coach who will guide you to the next rung on life’s ladder! Watch out, you will move mountains!"

~ Karen Haley Allen, MA. Adjunct Instructor, UC Berkeley, Business and Management

"This has been a fantastic experience and I would recommend you to anybody on the planet."

~ Michelle Bouchet

"Kris is a sublime coach. I've had great coaching before, but Kris' professionalism and integrity is tops. In under 5 months, I was able to pull all my disparate career threads together, something I'd been trying to do for years, and set off with confidence in a new direction that's right for me. My experience says, if you're at a crossroads, do coaching with Kris! You'll get to the right destination faster."

~ Constance Semler

"One of the best business and personal decisions I ever made was hiring Kris as a coach. With patience and a sense of humor, she has walked with me through a personally challenging period. She’s the first to say she doesn’t give advice. But she has given me many new perspectives, and then gentle guidance in following my own intuition. Her influence has had a direct impact on my business. My revenues have more than doubled since I engaged her. And my life is mine again."

~ Mary Pat

"I just did a "TED-like talk " in Seattle and may be doing TedX talk soon. So. Thank you. I owe everything to you."

~ Beth Baker


Every person and every business is unique ~ that's why I have two coaching communities to choose from.

"Believe it or not, I still work from the same exact coaching notes that we worked on years ago. This is excellent proof that we accurately distilled down who I am, and what values I should live by. Every time I re-visit, it makes me happy because my physical life embodies my personal ethos and values more and more exactly. Thank you, Kris!"

~ Sunyu von Conrady

"Kris helped me understand my unique strengths and how to use them to help my business stand out in a competitive category. She is insightful, direct and supportive – all the things I needed in a coach. My business is functioning at a whole new level after working with Kris."

~ Cynthia Sterling

"Kris helped me to obtain more clarity about my business, and provided me with the space for reflection and action-planning. She is engaging and creative, and provided so many helpful resources! I highly recommend her services!"

~ Marney Randle

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