Coaching Options

All engagements start with a Discovery Session, which allows us to get to know each other, insure we’ve got a good fit in terms of our working styles and what you’d like to accomplish, and assess which working format is the best for you.


Looking for an overview of what to expect from coaching? Click here: Working with Kristine Carey Info Sheet.


Whichever coaching option calls to you most, you can get started right away by scheduling a Discovery Session here.


VIP Days

VIP days are a great way to explore ideas and challenges, and create new strategies, in a spacious time environment.

  • They can be a half-day or full-day (4 or 7 hours, ), in person in San Francisco, or via Zoom video conference.
  • You can have an individual VIP day, which is perfect for more personal work, or assemble a small group to share the day with and let the energy of others carry you past where you would ordinarily stop yourself.
  • VIP days are perfect for sketching out a strategic plan, uncovering and eliminating hidden limiting beliefs, and discovering and integrating your strengths.
  • Pricing ranges from $1150 – $1500, depending on how you’d like to structure your day.
  • Individual coaching is a nice add-on, allowing you to put what you’ve gained into practice and increase your accountability. Discounts are available for combining VIP days with individual coaching.



Group & Team Facilitation

Strengths Work

Strengthen your team by using proven assessments to better understand each team member’s strengths, the filter they see things through, and what motivates them. The better teammates understand each other, the more positive results are produced.

  • Using either the StrengthsFinder or Myers-Briggs, we’ll see each individual’s strengths, as well as the overall team make-up.
  • Once we understand the team’s strengths we’ll look at team projects and overall business objectives, setting up actions and milestones that play specifically to the unique team make-up.
  • Teams that take a strengths-based approach experience fewer conflicts, higher overall work satisfaction, and increased productivity.
  • Team strengths work can be combined with individual coaching, allowing the learning to penetrate more deeply.
  • Prices vary depending on team size, length of engagement, and the like. Please schedule a Discovery Session so we can explore what will work best for you!



Get Clients Now!

Getting clients is a necessary component to keeping your business thriving. Using the Get Clients Now! 28-day program, you’ll create a one specific goal with 10 actionable items, which you’ll use within a 28-day time frame. It’s deceptively simple and highly effective! Get Clients Now! is:

  • Perfect for staying accountable to what you said you’d do, and make sure you’re doing it.
  • Easy to understand and quick to implement, which results in speedy feedback, allowing you to adjust your actions accordingly.
  • To upgrade your results, do the team strengths work first and use the strengths to create an even more effective 28-day program. You can also add on individual coaching for a team member who wants more accountability around their goal and actions.
  • Prices vary depending on team size, length of engagement, and the like. Please schedule a Discovery Session so we can explore what will work best for you!



Individual Coaching

One-on-one private coaching allows you to experience the development of an idea over time, from concept to execution. Along the way you’ll encounter obstacles, have epiphanies, and stay in action about what matters to you most. Your personalized package includes:

  • Two private sessions per month, 60 minutes each, via telephone or Zoom video conference, with in-between session check-ins as desired.
  • Personalized homework to keep you motivated and moving forward.
  • A longer time arc, spanning anywhere from six months to two years +, allowing you to spread out and explore all aspects of your ideas and implementation, and have consistent support along the way.
  • Pricing is $500 per month, with a six month minimum.
  • Combine coaching with a VIP day for a quick start, or longer working session!


I look forward to speaking with you and discovering what great things we’ll create in your business!

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