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What satisfied clients are saying:

A video snapshot of coaching from satisfied client Adam Barnum: How coaching can enable you as an entrepreneur / business owner to move your business and life forward.


Kris has been an amazing coach. She not only guided to me a level of clarity that has been instrumental in achieving my goals, but also provided a role model for what I hope to achieve in my own (coaching) business. She is fun (bordering on wacky sometimes, which makes her REALLY fun), fearless and sharp. After talking with her for 15 minutes, you will know if Kris is the right coach for you. And if she is, consider yourself lucky. ~ Jeanne Kuntz, Coaching Wellness


…In other news, I started a company in December with an ex-colleague and am over the moon about it! You are just not going to believe how fruitful our work last year has been for me. I am forever grateful, and of course continue to be one of your biggest fans! ~ Jen Aleman, the KAP Group


I started working with Kris when I was angry and stuck, a mom of a 1-year old, working full time (5 days at the office) at a technology company. When Kris and I started working together, I thought I just wanted to find another technology job.

Instead, she helped me take a step back and define what was important, and what I wanted the whole  mix to look like: work, family, community, health, creativity. She helped me paint a vision that I didn’t know I had: self employment (of some sort), working flexibly, from our sunny renovated attic overlooking our garden. While the transition took awhile (my 1-year-old is now 4…), mostly because I needed to get up the nerve and save money for the transition, I never would/could have done it without the vision Kris helped me create.

Today, three months into establishing my marketing consulting practice, I have 2 clients (one of them international), working ~16-20 hours a week (just what I want), and have time to do drop-off, pick-up, weed the garden, cook and exercise. I’m LOVING self employment – more than I ever thought I would.

Definitely consider Kris if you know you need to make a change, but aren’t sure what direction you want to go in, or what your end goal is. She asks the tough questions and makes you think about what’s really important. I highly recommend her! ~ Liz White, Liz White Consulting


Kris Carey is an excellent coach for the entrepreneur. She actively listens, keeps you focused on your goals and offers resources to stay balanced and moving forward. Kris keeps you accountable for your progress and also calls your attention to all of the successes along the way. Kris was the right coach for me. ~ Sister Susan Wolf, Catholic Web Solutions


Kris was tremendously effective as a personal coach. I found her to be very pragmatic and emotionally supportive during our sessions. When I met Kris, I had recently returned to the U.S. from a year-long travel sabbatical after 20 years in the corporate world. She helped me successfully navigate the transition back to life in California and to a more satisfying and fulfilling work. Her approach is straightforward, pragmatic, emotionally honest, and results-oriented. I highly recommend her! ~ Steve Sayre, VP


Kris helped me understand my unique strengths and how to use them to help my business stand out in a competitive category. She is insightful, direct and supportive – all the things I needed in a coach. My business is functioning at a whole new level after working with Kris. ~ Cynthia Sterling, Sterling Creative Works


Working with Kris has been a great gift I’ve given to myself. She has an amazing ability to identify and challenge unproductive thought patterns while at the same time provide support and acceptance. It goes without saying that she is a great listener and very easy to talk with. She provides just enough humor while always remaining professional and has shown me that life is meant to be enjoyed and lived with ease! ~ Rebecca Cates, CMT


I was laid off last October… it was probably the biggest blessing in disguise for a couple of reasons … 1) it gave me time to reflect on what kind of future I wanted to create for myself – and Kristine was an integral component to that. and 2) it got me on the road to where I am today – building my own marketing consulting business (who woulda thought?) Kristine was also key in helping me see that yes I could actually do it.

Well I am now on my way and the struggles, highs and lows are still coming – but the process of working with a coach and specifically Kristine gave me tools that I am always going back to … knowing my strengths, understanding what makes me tick, what people see in me…that’s pretty powerful stuff and I am so grateful to Kristine for it. Not saying I don’t have fear, but I feel equipped to trust my instincts and tap my inner resources to get me the solutions I need.

Additionally having the regular accountability and commitment – can really make all the difference in helping you get where you want.

If you want to take your business or career to the next level – Kristine is your Catalyst. ~Sandra Ponce de Leon, SpDL Marketing Strategies


Kris is committed to and enthusiastic about coaching and it shows in the way she supported me through some changes in my life. ~ Andy Zimmerman, Freelance Writer


Just a note of thanks for continuing to keep me on track, I continue to make progress and move forward with aspects of my present circumstances and future goals. The tools you have used to guide me along this path have been eye opening. ~ Diane McKelvey, Sales Woman

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