Who Are Kristine’s Clients?

Who are you…

You are an Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner who wants to tweak your business.  In general, you’ve got it going on.  And yet, there’s something that’s out of alignment:  revenue is down,  you need support in running your business, or you’re so busy driving the bus you don’t have time to make sure anyone’s on it (working in your business rather than on your business), you’re not taking care of yourself.

Or, maybe it’s not as clear cut as that.  Everything seems fine, and yet for some reason you’re not feeling the love.  Something, maybe you, seems a bit off.  That happens sometimes.

You are a person who:

  • Values working for yourself, being the commander of your own destiny, loves that you are “unemployable”
  • Defines success on your own terms
  • Knows the value of what you’ve created and is energized by finding new ways to do it
  • Laughs easily and doesn’t take this all too seriously
  • Likes the idea of playing to your strengths
  • Has an open mind and is willing to try new approaches, try on different perspectives, experiment, and take a leap and get risky at times
  • Does good work the world, something that allows you be your best at what you love, that brings joy to you and those around you
  • Is creative, quirky and fun
  • Enjoys making money
  • Wants to play larger, richer, deeper in the world and with your work

I had a client once who got in trouble for laughing too loudly and “disturbing others” while working at her temp job; they said if she was having that much fun she couldn’t possibly be getting anything done.  This made her even more resolute to start her own business.  Maybe that sounds familiar to you?

You’re looking for…

  • Someone to help you sift through choices and determine the best course of action: make a plan, gain clarity
  • Guidance, support, accountability
  • A person who understands what you’re going through, the challenges you’re facing, the questions you’re asking
  • Defining – and achieving – success on your own terms
  • A new perspective or fresh approach
  • Someone who understands the crazy way your brain works
  • A professional who is plain spoken, fun, and walks her talk
  • Setting, and achieving, short and long term goals
  • Strategic thinking
  • Taking yourself, and your work, to the next level
  • A kick in the booty
  • Someone who can help you determine if you’re going in the right direction
  • Satisfaction in your work and feeling proud of what you do
  • A companion on the journey
  • Working with more ease and flow, less struggle and stress, and producing better results
  • A person to brainstorm with, talk to, share insights and ideas
  • Confidence in what you’re doing and what you’re offering

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