It’s time to stand firm for yourself and your work life!

What’s all the fuss about work?  We scheme about it, dream about it, suffer through it, lie about it, cry about it, hope for it, act like it’s gunna save us, hide in it, hide from it, blame it for things we don’t want to take responsibility for, use it for status.  Why is it such a big deal?  I mean really, who cares?  The average corporate employee spends 2000 hours a year working; do you know how much you work?  Is this amount of time OK with you? And if you’re gunna spend all that time and energy on your business, don’t you think you otta damn well like it?

This manifesto is about liking it, a hopeful note that you will find your way, work-wise, into a place that makes it all make sense.

  • Rule #1: Let your business turn you on!
  • Stop BS-ing yourself and settling for work that is only “OK”
  • Get support from those around you for pursuing business you love – and if they say “no,” keep moving ahead anyway.
  • Make up your own rules and forget the rest.
  • Get risky – be willing to put yourself and your beliefs on the line.
  • Look at what price you’re paying for staying with work that doesn’t bring you alive; are you finally fed up enough to do something different?
  • Be Free!
  • Don’t compromise – that’s how you lost your mojo in the first place.
  • Play to your Super Powers.
  • Get creative about how to design your work – you get to determine exactly how you want it to be.
  • In order for your business to thrive, you need to thrive.  Go out and have fun!  You don’t get points for making it hard.
  • Work is just work.  It has no inherent soul of its own. Whatever meaning it has is what you’ve prescribed to it, what you’ve infused into it.  Whatever power it has over you, you’ve given it.
  • You can make a difference; be conscious of the impact you’re making!

My question is: are you willing to take a stand for your business and make what you want out of it?  If you’re ready to do something about it, put your seat belt on and lets’ get started…

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