Community Work Days Are Here!

community work days

If you’re having trouble focusing or getting started, or want some companionship and accountability as you work, you’re not alone - and Community Work Days are here to help!

Community Work Days are group accountability co-working half-days, designed to keep you on track and feeling good about getting things done.

  • As we begin, you’ll introduce yourself and set a (realistic) goal for the half-day.
  • I'll share an inspirational quote to kick us off, and guide you through the work sessions.
  • Then you’ll settle in for a spacious 85 minutes of work.
  • Next, we'll check-in to make sure you’re doing OK, address any challenges that may have come up, and set you up for the next work session.
  • Then you’ll settle in for another spacious 80 minutes of work.
  • To wrap up, we'll gather one last time to share what got done, and look at next steps.


I’ll be there the whole time, facilitating check-ins, helping with goal setting and accountability, and making sure you and the group are doing well. If you have a quick question or need some super quick spot coaching, I’m there to help.

  • These sessions will be held via Zoom video conferencing. No camera is required, although it makes the group more intimate and adds to a higher level of accountability.
  • Attendance is by registration only to keep the group safe for everyone.
  • These half-days are offered on a set your own price basis; everyone is welcome.


I look forward to working together and getting some things done!

dates & registration

All work sessions take place from

9:00 am - 12:30 pm San Francisco

12:00 - 3:30 pm New York

5:00 - 6:30 pm London

upcoming sessions

We're on hiatus until fall.

Stay tuned!


"i always try to attend community work day"

I always try to attend Community Work Day. As a solo entrepreneur, I enjoy the camaraderie of meeting with other people who have chosen to take this joyful, challenging path. And I've found that during Community Work Day, I often get quite a bit accomplished. When I attend this event, I discover new ways to focus on my work goals, and I have fun with my colleagues. Win/win!

~ Wendy Ledger | Author, Transcriber, Editor |