Reinventing Your Concept of Business

Reinventing Your Concept of Business

How do you hold the concept of business?


Many of us were taught that business is serious, and while it’s OK to have a bit of fun with it, it’s still business, which be default means it must be taken seriously.


The flip side of this is not taking things seriously enough, hoping things will all work out if you just wish hard enough. I’m not sure where this either/or approach to the concept of business came from, but it does a particular disservice to those of us who work for ourselves by forcing us to act in a way that’s often counter to our true nature, which is never a recipe for success.


And the sneaky thing is, we often don’t realize we’ve fallen into this trapped way of thinking.


What if you rejected these extremes, and held business lightly, with a sense of fun, play, and curiosity, while also taking your business seriously?


It’s like having to pick between Star Trek and  – the answer is obviously both, a happy union of yes, and.

Pause for a moment to see where you land in this conversation, and notice the consequences of that way of thinking. Give yourself the space to explore what business could be like if you embrace the yes and of light + serious… what’s possible from that place?


How can you reinvent your concept of business this week?

Even just one small shift could make a big difference in how you and your clients experience your business. Is it a mindset? A practice? Or something completely different? Hit reply and let me know – I’m always up for hearing your reinvention story!

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