Reinventing your Team

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Here are the methods I use to help facilitate your team

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CliftonStrengths Assessment

The CliftonStrengths assessment, also known as the StrengthsFinder, is a practical and effective way to discover your strengths, and put them into practice, so you can shift that dynamic.

There’s been a lot of buzz recently about the Enneagram; this is an age-old system for personal growth. Are you curious to know what all the fuss is about?

Myers - Briggs Assessment

You’ve likely heard people say things like, “I’m and ESTJ!” or “I’m an introvert!.” If so, they’re referring to one of the most widely used personality profiling systems around.

Let's Reinvent Your Team, Together

with your Facilitation Coach, Kristine Carey

Tell me more about how I can help your team...

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Welcome to the Reinvention Salon

When things aren’t working the way you want them to, it’s time to reinvent.

Even if things are going great, there still may be tweaks you’d like to make – that’s just how life and business go.

The Reinvention Salon is a place to explore these shifts, ideas, and ponderings in the company of others who are having the same conversations.

white dog with pink heart-shaped glasses lying down

The truth is, you’re reinventing yourself all the time anyway,
so why not name it and own it?


As a business owner of 20+ years, I can attest to the twists and turns that business and life throw at you – some of them great, some of them surprising, some of them not so good. And yet, you keep on keeping on, because that’s what you signed up for. You’re the kind of person who’s in this business of life for the long haul; wouldn’t it be nice to surround yourself with others who think the same way, swap stories, plot and plan for future adventures?


That’s the container the Reinvention Salon creates for you.

Little brown dog peeking out

What are you reinventing right now?


Is it feeling easy, or challenging, or all of the above??

If so, you're right on track - and being with others, in this cozy container, who are reinventing some aspect of their businesses and lives, helps you realize just how much you've already got going for you, and gives you the gumption to address whatever your reinvention is throwing at you at the moment.

Working for yourself is like riding a surfboard

Even if you’re a trained professional, waves come out of nowhere sometimes – it’s just how it works. Riding the waves is what you do. And having a community of fellow surfers makes riding the waves that much more enjoyable and meaningful, normalizing and validating your experience… no matter what kind of waves you encounter, we’ve all been there, and are looking for ways to share our experiences with each other.

I created the Reinvention Salon for just this reason – as a gathering place where we can talk about topics meaningful to us as business owners and humans, and know we're not alone in the waves.

Of course, you’re used to taking care of yourself – you wouldn’t have gotten this far if you weren’t. I think back to all the times I did hard things in my business (and life) alone, thinking that it was more noble somehow, or not knowing how to ask for support, or feeling too vulnerable to share what was going on for me. Not reaching out for even just for a simple conversation with someone who could relate made going through those experiences harder than it needed to be.


It’s as if we’re all playing a game where we feel like we get points for making things harder – but we don’t. Instead, it drains our energy and motivation, makes things feel confusing, and makes us wonder about our sanity.

The good news is that it can be easier – and more fun! – to go through life with a posse that gets all this, has been through it themselves, and is looking to reinvent the way they approach life and business, just as you are.


That’s why the Reinvention Salon exists.


Traditionally, a Salon was a place where varied topics were discussed with depth and vigor. The conversations could be lively, intellectual, fun… whatever the topic and day brought forth.


Bringing this concept into our modern-day, the Reinvention Salon offers a virtual gathering space for discussions, a watering hole to share experiences, a place to think about the large and small issues of life and business, together.

What’s included in your Reinvention Salon membership?

A monthly Salon Gathering, where we introduce and explore our monthly theme.

A Work Session, where we put our theme ideas into action in our work and lives.

A monthly Care Package, with things to feed your mind, nourish your soul, and get you moving.

Discussion Prompts to continue exploring and learning about the month’s theme.

A Private Online Community to keep the conversation going throughout the month.

An Email Newsletter delivered to your inbox twice monthly, to keep you informed on what’s happening.

Articles and Videos custom-created to explore the month's theme.

Resource Library that grows with each month’s new content.

Guidance from a Master Coach who's experienced at running a business while being human and having a life, and who’s reinvented herself, her life, and her business multiple times over.

Ongoing Support - 2 hours live + online - so no matter how big the reinvention you're facing is, you always have a place to turn when you have a question, face a challenge, or want to celebrate a win.

Ready to join the Reinvention Salon? Let’s do it!


If you’re ready to be a part of a unique experience, the Reinvention Salon has a lot to offer. Join today and see what it’s like to do your business and life in the company of others who are up to the same types of things you are – doing good work, and being a great human.

I look forward to getting to know you, and surfing these waves together.

Let's look at the member benefits more closely

Salon Gathering

At the beginning of each month, we kick things off with a live Salon Gathering, one hour held via Zoom. During this gathering, we explore a theme relevant to you as a business owner and a human being.

You can count on these explorations to be interesting, enlivening, eye-opening, and engaging – giving you ideas for action.

Each gathering is recorded in case you miss one, or want to revisit something that was said, and is added to our Resource Library.

These gatherings give you an opportunity to learn and play around with themes such as:

  • Freedom and Ease (as in, what if things were easy, or what does freedom mean to me?)
  • Nuts and Bolts (addressing the nitty gritty of business and life)
  • Taking Care (of you, your clients, your business)

Work Session

Rounding out our live events is the Work Session, a 1-hour session held via Zoom.

It’s one thing to think about things; it’s another to take those thoughts and ideas into the world. This dedicated work time gives you the space to focus on your ideas, plans, and to-do list items, and leverage the benevolent peer pressure of the group to keep you focused. It’s the kind of accountability that really makes a difference in helping you get things done, and feeling good about your progress.

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing it was easier to take action on what needs to be done, this work session is just the ticket.

Monthly Care Package

Each month we have a Care Package to explore the theme more deeply.

The care packages are available after the month is over, too, so you can revisit them anytime you want additional inspiration or insight.

The packages contain:

  • Monthly activities and weekly practices - ways to put your thoughts and ideas about the monthly theme into action.
  • An inspirational calendar, filled with thoughts, words, pictures, and lots of breathing room to help you lean into the theme with gentleness and curiosity.
  • Recommended resources - such as specially written articles, and curated books or podcasts - to offer additional insights on living and working with the month's theme.

Weekly Discussion Prompts

To keep the conversation we’ve started going, weekly discussion prompts are posted in the online community.

These prompts help deepen the month’s theme, and include ponderings from your hosts, ideas and questions from your fellow reinventors, discussion points that came out of the Salon and Lab Gatherings, and all manner of things to help explore the theme, get you moving, and have fun even while you’re doing the deep work of reinvention.

Articles & Videos

There are also articles and videos custom created for the community to explore the monthly theme.

These are born from real-world experience – knowledge gleaned from 20+ years of working with people to reinvent themselves and their businesses so they are in greater alignment with what matters most.

Private Online Community

All of these happenings and resources are hosted in our Private Online Community.

Our private space is available to connect us between live gatherings, explore our monthly themes, share our insights and learnings, ask questions, get coaching, and forge relationships that help sustain and enrich us all.

Resource Library

A Resource Library that grows as the elements of each month’s theme are added.

Email Newsletter

In addition, an email newsletter is delivered to your inbox twice monthly.

This newsletter has content organized around our monthly theme, created specifically as inspiration for you and your business, as well as reminders of happenings in our reinvention community.

Take a look at what you're reinventing right now: Why are you doing it?


Whether it was your idea, or you feel called to do it, or it feels like something you just have to do, I totally get it.

Ask yourself what it would feel like to have support during this time...

No matter the reason for your reinvention, I understand what it means to reinvent yourself - and that even the small decisions can feel like a big deal! - and look forward to supporting you as you go through this, and beyond.

Ready to join the Reinvention Salon? Let’s do it!


If you’re ready to be a part of a unique experience, the Reinvention Salon has a lot to offer.

Join today and see what it’s like to do your business and life in the company of others who are up to the same types of things you are – doing good work, and being a great human.

I look forward to getting to know you, and surfing these waves together.

Meet your guide

I’m Kris Carey, a master reinvention coach, deeply experienced at helping solo entrepreneurs and tiny business owners revisit the work they do, and how they do it, so they can produce the results they’re after. From working with people over my 20+ year coaching career, as well as personal experience, I know the best place to start is by knowing yourself and what brings you alive, so that all aspects of your life and business are in alignment. 

I have first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to run a business while having a life, and have reinvented myself, my life, and my business multiple times over. While it’s been scary more than once, it’s also been incredibly rewarding and worth the effort.

When I’m not working, I debate Star Trek vs. Star Wars with my dog, Finch, while we listen to Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue for the fourth time on repeat.

I truly believe that reinvention is possible, and look forward to working with you to achieve yours.

Jef Keep, Creative Web Nerd at The WebWorx

I've worked with Kris before but the Reinvention Salon was a total OMG/AHA moment for me!

The Salon experience really helped me figure how to "unlock my brain" as to the future of my business and where I wanted to take it.

The Salon is an absolute must for solo entrepreneurs and I would not hesitate to shout it from the rooftop!

Jef Keep, Creative Web Nerd
The WebWorx

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers!

What is the Reinvention Salon, exactly?

It’s a membership group that gathers live and online to explore monthly themes relevant to you as a business owner, and a human being.

What does it mean to reinvent yourself?

Reinventions are happening around you all the time. They can be as simple as trying a new kind of milk and reinventing your morning coffee routine, or something as large as starting or revamping your business. Sometimes you choose to reinvent yourself, and sometime the reinvention chooses you, or is thrust on you. No matter which circumstance you find yourself in, it’s nice to acknowledge and call out these reinventions; it’s empowering, and gives you a broader perspective on where you’re at, and how to move forward.

What if I don't know what my reinvention's all about, or why I'm doing it?

Sometimes it's hard to see the big picture, especially when you're down in the weeds of your business and life. Staying in the question has power, and being with others who've also asked these questions helps, too.

If you decide to join the Reinvention Salon, you'll be in the company of others, myself included, who have sat in this same inquiry and come out the other side. We'll offer support, mind shifts, personal stories, etc... whatever you'd like to help you figure it out.

Who is it for?

Anyone who’s in the middle of reinventing themselves, or is contemplating doing so. It’s for solopreneurs and small business owners, who know well the nature of reinvention. It’s for those who are bold or curious enough to explore what more life and business have to offer.

How much does it cost?

The Reinvention Salon is a monthly membership subscription of $99/mo.

How do you join?

Simply click on the "Join Now" link below, create your account, enter your payment details, and you’re in!

What kind of commitment are you making if you join?

Because of the community aspect, it’s important to think of this as a place to hang out over the long term so we can all get to know each other and develop trusting relationships. An initial 3-6 month commitment is recommended, and people often stay much longer once they get to know each other, and get a feel for the community.

Is it complicated to learn the online hosting platform?

The Reinvention Salon uses an online platform called Mighty Networks, and they've made it as easy as possible to learn how to participate. After a slight learning curve - a few hours or so - you'll be zipping around like a pro!

My Promise

Is that when you become a member of the Reinvention Salon, we’ll have fun exploring life and business together in an environment of trust, safety, and camaraderie.

Your Promise

Is to show up authentically, speak from your own experience, be open, and stay around for the shifts and aha’s that are happening!

Ready to join the Reinvention Salon? Let’s do it!


If you’re ready to be a part of a unique experience, the Reinvention Salon has a lot to offer. Join today and see what it’s like to do your business and life in the company of others who are up to the same types of things you are – doing good work, and being a great human.

I look forward to getting to know you, and surfing these waves together.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to be part of several unique and inspiring communities.

I co-founded a Mastermind Group that’s still thriving years later, and have been part of several intentional communities of like-minded people and business owners... all of which has allowed me to experience what it’s like to not do things alone, and understand the value of being a part of something bigger than myself.

Being a part of these groups opens my mind, challenges my assumptions, and calls me forth to something greater than I can see for myself. It provides friendship, camaraderie, silliness, and a sense that things are possible.


The Reinvention Salon is a place to
converse, connect, reflect, explore, learn,
and hang with some pretty cool peeps.


It’s a *yes, and* - a welcome addition to your routine that’ll make you feel good personally, and help shape how you bring your good work into the world.

We’ll keep it easy, too, just enough to keep you inspired, fueled, and supported in a way that serves you best.

Spending time in the Reinvention Salon, you’ll end up falling in love with your business, yourself, and those around you even more - and what a lovely way to pass the time.


As a member of the Reinvention Salon, you'll have...

  • Conversation – interesting, thought-provoking, relevant discussions to stimulate your mind and creativity
  • Realness – real people talking about real things
  • Connection – and be a part of a community of people who get you
  • People who Listen – and a place to share your voice with other like-minded souls
  • Relaxation – with an undemanding rhythm that delights and soothes your soul
  • Anytime Access – you can dip into the ongoing conversation whenever it’s convenient for you
C.J. Hayden | Author & Writing Coach

I’m in a period of reinvention, having moved to a new area while simultaneously making significant changes to my business. So, I was immediately attracted to Kristine Carey’s Reinvention Salon as a source of encouragement and inspiration as I go through this transition. But the Salon has turned out to be much more than that.

From the monthly themes and live discussions, I’ve gained important realizations to help me chart a path through this new territory. Regular posts on topics like focus and priorities, or freedom and ease, plus the included course “30 Days of Reinvention,” keep me on track with my transition and smooth my passage. With the Salon’s “Bite-Size Book Club,” I find new ideas and opinions to expand my thinking. … Interacting with the other members online and in co-working sessions supplies me with a group of self-employed peers to share my journey and offer new perspectives. And through it all, Kris offers gentle-but-firm nudges and personal acknowledgment that keep me moving forward in the right direction.

Sure, you could reinvent yourself and your business all on your own, but why would you when the Salon can give you the support of a wise coach and a like-minded community?

C.J. Hayden | Author & Writing Coach

Ready to join the Reinvention Salon? Let’s do it!


If you’re ready to be a part of a unique experience, the Reinvention Salon has a lot to offer. Join today and see what it’s like to do your business and life in the company of others who are up to the same types of things you are – doing good work, and being a great human.

I look forward to getting to know you, and surfing these waves together.