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Welcome to the Reinvention Lab

a coaching community with Kristine Carey

You don’t have to face business challenges alone anymore.


When it’s time to make changes in your business, it’s easy to get stuck in paralysis, overwhelm, and indecision — particularly if you’re trying to go it alone.

And as a leader of a small-and-mighty business, you most likely don’t have someone to turn to who gets what you’re going through. There’s a challenging kind of isolation you face, making the work you’re trying to do all the harder.

Add in everything we’ve all been through these last few years, and it seems like the rules have changed around what works and what doesn’t — and not only that, you’ve changed too.

What used to feel good and right maybe not feel like that anymore.

Maybe you’ve pivoted your business already; maybe more than once. But something’s still not quite right. You can feel it.

Maybe money isn’t flowing the way you’d like — you’re not generating the revenue you want, or you’re trapped in that feast or famine income cycle.

Or you’re not happy or fulfilled by the day-to-day work you’re doing.

You might feel burned out. Or — perhaps worse — you’re bored.


Bottom line? This isn’t what you signed up for.

The good news is that there’s a solution.

It’s a bold move, and worth every minute you invest into it — reinventing your life and your business to finally, actually, work for you. A way to not do it alone, and to learn things to keep you and your business strong.

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Enter the Reinvention Lab


I’m Kristine Carey, and I specialize in helping solo entrepreneurs, small-and-mighty business owners, and self-employed free agents reinvent their lives and businesses to be more deeply aligned with their innate strengths and talents, and to be better designed in form and function.

I created the Reinvention Lab so you can be with other leaders like you: People who are reinventing their work and life, are tired of doing it alone, and want to get to where they’re going just a wee bit faster – and get help figuring out exactly where that is along the way.

In the Reinvention Lab you’ll explore, experiment, ponder, take your ideas out for a walk, and move the needle on reinventing your business and life.

You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t, try things on, and use what you’re learning to take the next step.

You’ll deepen your self-compassion for what it means to be a human being who’s running a business, so you can take care of yourself, those you love, and those you serve.

Better business, better you.

The promise of the Reinvention Lab is this:


If you’re ready to get started on your reinvention, face the big questions and challenges, wander through the unknown and come out victorious on the other side, we are ready to stand with you.

We’re doing the work, and finding our courage, together – and enjoying the journey, too.

Ready to become a member of the Reinvention Lab &

take what you're doing to the next level?


Join now and experience what it’s like to be in action, and know that others are learning and doing right there with you.

Here's what you'll receive when you become a member of the Reinvention Lab

  • A monthly Salon Gathering, where we introduce and explore our monthly theme.
  • Coaching Lab event where we take our monthly theme deeper, making it personal for you and your business.
  • Co-Working Session, where we put our theme into action in our work and lives.
  • Bite-Size Book Club, with tiny, readable books chosen to enhance our month’s theme.
  • Discussion prompts to continue exploring and learning about the month’s theme.
  • A private online coaching and discussion area to keep the conversation going as things occur to you throughout the month.
  • An email newsletter delivered to your inbox twice monthly, to keep you informed on what’s happening.
  • Articles and videos custom-created to explore the month's theme.
  • Resource Library that grows with each month’s new content.
  • Guidance from a master coach who's experienced at running a business (while being human and having a life), and who’s reinvented herself, her life, and her business multiple times over.

Let's look at these member benefits more closely

Salon Gathering

At the beginning of each month, we kick things off with a live Salon Gathering, one hour held via Zoom. During this gathering, we explore a theme relevant to you as a business owner and a human being.

These gatherings give you an opportunity to learn and play around with themes such as:

  • Freedom and Ease (as in, what if things were easy, or what does freedom mean to me?)
  • Nuts and Bolts (addressing the nitty gritty of business and life)
  • Taking Care (of you, your clients, your business)

You can count on these explorations to be interesting, enlivening, eye-opening, and engaging – giving you ideas for action.

Each gathering is recorded in case you miss one, or want to revisit something that was said, and is added to our Resource Library.

Coaching Lab

Next, we have the Reinvention Lab, an hour-long live coaching session dedicated to putting the monthly theme into action. We meet over Zoom to take a closer look at what the monthly theme means to you and your business, and put the theme into real world action. Whether that means shifting your perspective, creating a plan, or lining up your actions, the Lab session is the perfect place to deepen your learning, generate options, and get moving.

In the Reinvention Lab session, you can:

  • Get hot seat coaching
  • Learn from others
  • Ask questions and get support
  • Address challenges
  • Gain clarity and inspiration
  • Make plans for action
  • And get your reinvention moving!

Each Lab session is recorded in case you miss one, or would like to revisit something that was said, and is added to the Resource Library.

Co-Working Session

Rounding out our live events is the Co-Working Session, a two-hour working event held via Zoom.

It’s one thing to think about things; it’s another altogether to take those thoughts and ideas out into the world. This dedicated 2 hours of work time gives you the space to focus on your ideas, plans, and to-do list items, and to leverage the benevolent peer pressure of the group to keep you focused and on task. It’s the kind of accountability that can really make a difference regarding getting things done, and feeling good about your progress.

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing it was easier to take action on what needs to be done, this Co-Working session is just the ticket.

Bite-Size Book Club

Also part of the mix is our Bite-Size Book Club. Books are chosen to inspire, offer different perspectives, and get your creative juices flowing.

Each book is indeed bite-size: short and easy to read. Over the course of the month, we use our online community to talk about what the book sparked for us, and share what we’re learning.

Here are a few examples of books we’ve read:

  • Make Good Art by Neil Gaiman
  • Put You’re A** Where Your Heart Wants to Be by Steven Pressfield
  • The Underachiever’s Manifesto by Ray Bennett

It’s amazing how much impact and wisdom a tiny book can have!

Weekly Discussion Prompts

To keep the conversation we’ve started going, weekly discussion prompts are posted in the online community.

These prompts help deepen the month’s theme, and include ponderings from your hosts, ideas and questions from your fellow reinventors, discussion points that came out of the Salon and Lab Gatherings, and all manner of things to help explore the theme, get you moving, and have fun even while you’re doing the deep work of reinvention.

Email Newsletter

In addition, an email newsletter is delivered to your inbox twice monthly.

This newsletter has content organized around our monthly theme, created specifically as inspiration for you and your business, as well as reminders of happenings in our reinvention community.

Articles & Videos

There are also articles and videos custom created for the community to explore the monthly theme.

These are born from real-world experience – knowledge gleaned from 20+ years of working with people to reinvent themselves and their businesses so they are in greater alignment with what matters most.

Resource Library

A Resource Library that grows as the elements of each month’s theme are added.

Private Online Community

All of these happenings and resources are hosted in our Private Online Community.

Our private space is available to connect us between live gatherings, explore our monthly themes, share our insights and learnings, ask questions, get coaching, and forge relationships that help sustain and enrich us all.

Craig Trombly

Participating in the Reinvention Lab has benefited me in several ways:

  • It has given me the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs that are very different from me, and see how they tackle challenges and successes in their business.
  • It has allowed me to help others who are not as far along as I am, to make their progress a little easier.
  • I have gotten a lot of good coaching advice and suggestions from my peers.
  • It has given me an opportunity to practice my coaching.
  • I have clarified various aspects of my marketing style, goals, and work products. 

If you'd like to participate with a group of dedicated, supportive, learning entrepreneurs, I recommend that you join!

Craig Trombly | Owner, CJT Strengths Consulting

Hungering for a place to be with other like-minded souls who are also reinventing their businesses and lives?


Ready to put your ideas into action?


Join the Reinvention Lab, and let’s get this thing going!

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers!

How will being a member of the Reinvention Lab help me and my business?

As a business owner, you know how important it is to have clarity on where you’re going, and take the necessary actions to get you there, which can be elusive when you're reinventing something. Being a member of the Lab helps you gain the clarity you're after and get moving, with accountability and in good company.

How much time does being in the Reinvention Lab take?

As with so many things in life, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. You can attend as many of the live events as you like, which I highly recommend doing; being together in real-time can be very inspiring and productive. Checking in online for a few minutes several times a week gives you a chance to stay connected to the month’s theme and your fellow reinventors, which is great for continued inspiration and accountability, too.

Who are the people I'll be spending time with?

The others in the Lab are like you – solopreneurs, small business owners, self-employed free agents, freelancers, people who work for themselves – and are doing their best create a great life while doing their good work in the world.

What if I don't know what I want to reinvent? I just feel kind of restless and funky.

I totally understand that feeling! Sometimes it might feel like you're itching for something new, yet aren't sure what that is. Or maybe it feels like something's off, or like something's shifting, but you don't know what, or what to do about it.

This is often how reinvention begins, and why it's so valuable to be in the company of others who've stood where you're standing. The Reinvention Lab is the perfect place to share your restlessness and half-baked thoughts, and feel heard. It’s a place where you can live into the answers, and not be alone while you do it; a place to run experiments and see how things turn out, and learn from one another.

What if I'm not reinventing anything right now?

Are you sure about that?

You don't need to have a "big reinvention" happening to benefit from being a member of the Reinvention Lab. The truth is, reinventions come in all shapes and sizes – sometimes large, sometimes teeny tiny – and the more you realize that a reinvention is upon you, the more consciously you can navigate it. Being in a group with others who're doing the same helps you recognize this.

How does the membership work, and how much does it cost?

Being a member of the Reinvention Lab is $249/mo, available as an ongoing monthly membership.

Being a member of the Reinvention Lab is a commitment you grow into over time. The longer you stay, the more you get to know your fellow reinventors, the better you understand the rhythm of the community, and the more you gain from your membership. Think of this as an initial 3-6 month commitment to get started, then you can take it further from there.

The surprising truth about reinvention is this...

So many people try to go it alone, without a clear path.
But the more you try to do things in the fog of uncertainty and isolation, the harder things are.

Reinventing your business or life isn’t for the faint of heart, and the more you learn about where you are and lean into it, the better equipped you are to work through what's in front of you and embrace what it brings —

with more fun and ease, and better results.

You don't get points for being a lone ranger.

This is a place where you can ask for support...

make progress on reinventing your business and your life…

learn from the experiences of others…

and be surprised at how easy facing challenges really can be.

If you’ve been secretly - or not so secretly - longing for a group...


 where you can talk about what you're reinventing, sort through all the ups and downs that come with reinventing your business and life, and then go do something with all this good information, this is the place.

Join the Reinvention Lab today and get your reinvention going.

Meet your guide

I’m Kris Carey, a master reinvention coach, deeply experienced at helping solo entrepreneurs and tiny business owners revisit the work they do, and how they do it, so they can produce the results they’re after. From working with people over my 20+ year coaching career, as well as personal experience, I know the best place to start is by knowing yourself and what brings you alive, so that all aspects of your life and business are in alignment. 

I have first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to run a business while having a life, and have reinvented myself, my life, and my business multiple times over. While it’s been scary more than once, it’s also been incredibly rewarding and worth the effort.

When I’m not working, I debate Star Trek vs. Star Wars with my dog, Finch, while we listen to Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue for the fourth time on repeat.

I truly believe that reinvention is possible, and look forward to working with you to achieve yours.

Whether it’s…

Giving your systems an overhaul

Exploring new business options

Addressing cash flow problems

Opening your mind to new possibilities

Developing a new income stream

Inventing a new way to work

Getting and taking care of clients

Launching a new offering

Reinventing your entire approach to business

Making self-care is as important as client care

The Reinvention Lab is the perfect container to explore, learn, and act.

If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

~ African Proverb

Ready to make progress toward your reinvention?


If so, being in the Reinvention Lab is an essential part of your mix.

Join today and see how nice it is to have inspiration, accountability, and company on your journey.