Super Power Hour

Do you have Super Powers?


Yes, you do. And together we can discover what they are.


Young confident super businessman in mask and cape


Acknowledging that you have Super Powers, and taking the time to discover and use them, is one of the most impactful things you can do for yourself and your business.


When you use your Super Powers: 

  • Things feel easier
  • Your overall life satisfaction is higher
  • You feel like things are heading in the right direction
  • You spend more time in *the zone*

One of the quickest, easiest – and most fun! – ways to discover your Super Powers is using the StrengthsFinder Assessment. It was developed by the Gallup Organization (yes, the same people who do the polls), which means it’s well vetted and researched. The assessment tells you your strengths – things like Maximizer, which means you like to take something mediocre and turn it into something amazing, or WOO, which stands for Winning Others Over, which means you have a natural charm and way with people. 

As an expert on Super Powers, I’ve been using the StrengthsFinder for years, helping clients discover their Top 5 Strengths and use those strengths in their personal and business lives. If you’re interested in learning what your Super Powers are, and how to use them for good (rather than evil), this Super Power Hour is perfect for you.


Your Super Power Hour includes:

  • A code to access the StrengthsFinder Assessment.
  • A comprehensive report outlining your Top 5 Strengths and ideas for taking action on them.
  • An hour long coaching session where we look at your Strengths together, talk about what they mean, and look at how you can use them in your everyday life, personally and professionally.

Interested? Click the button below and let’s get started discovering your Super Powers!

It’s a super deal @ $295.





The Fine Print: The Super Power Hour is available only for new clients. It applies exclusively to one hour of coaching + the StrengthFinder assessment code & analysis of your StrengthsFinder Top 5 results.

For a deeper dive into your Super Powers, and/or to learn more about developing a longer-term coaching relationship, please Contact Me or schedule a complimentary Discovery Session.