I Think I’ll Include That (+Video)

What if, rather than pushing against what you don’t like, or don’t want, or don’t know what to do with, you instead choose to include it?   By including something, you’re not endorsing it. You’re simply acknowledging what is, and allowing it to just be.   I don’t want to do marketing. I think I’ll…

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Now’s the time

Imagine back to when you were working “normally.” If you’re like a lot of us, you may have been wondering about changing things up – maybe you were thinking about introducing something different, like a new direction in your business, or switching the focus of what you offer and to whom. Or maybe you were…

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Resources for Business & Self-Care During COVID-19: Part 1

On March 19, 2020, I hosted an open community call to discuss the COVID-19 crisis, and share ideas about how to best take care of ourselves and our businesses during this unprecedented time. Below are highlights from the conversation; it wasn’t recorded, as that didn’t feel quite right, yet there were some nice takeaways. Read…

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A Calling Forth

This time is a calling forth – of duress and fear, to be sure – and also of possibility, courage, and inventiveness. What if you were hopeful without being Pollyanna, without denying the incomprehensible world events surrounding you? What’s possible from that space? Being hopeful is an acknowledgment that business as usual is over, with…

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