Is Your Schedule Just Right for You?

Is Your Schedule Just Right for You?

Scheduling has been a tricky thing for me over the years. Sometimes my schedule seems too full, sometimes it seems too empty, and it can fluctuate between these two extremes quickly. I used to stress out about this a lot, especially when I was a new business owner, trying to find the right balance. While…

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Musings on Working from the Road

This past month, I’ve been traveling. Gallivanting around. Taking the show on the road. It’s been a trip, both literally and figuratively.   When I started my coaching business all those years ago, I had a notion that I didn’t want to be tied to a desk, or a 9-5 schedule, and so I played…

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More Thoughts on “Including That”

In these past weeks I’ve been playing with July’s theme, “I think I’ll include that,” watching all the ways it seems easy for me to include things, and feeling a bit sheepish about the ways I push against things that just are.   This past week, I had another chance to notice this. On Fridays,…

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Now’s the time

Imagine back to when you were working “normally.” If you’re like a lot of us, you may have been wondering about changing things up – maybe you were thinking about introducing something different, like a new direction in your business, or switching the focus of what you offer and to whom. Or maybe you were…

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A Calling Forth

This time is a calling forth – of duress and fear, to be sure – and also of possibility, courage, and inventiveness. What if you were hopeful without being Pollyanna, without denying the incomprehensible world events surrounding you? What’s possible from that space? Being hopeful is an acknowledgment that business as usual is over, with…

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