Nice to Meet You.

I'm Kris Carey.

Kristine Carey

Nice to Meet You
I'm Kris Carey

I'm a dot connector who weaves the different parts of your life and business into a cohesive picture. I have the ability to conceptualize what you're after, then bring the attention and accountability to create it in reality. Through fun and focus, lightheartedness and doing your work, you'll approach things you want with confidence - facing and conquering challenges that have previously held you back.

Together we’ll reinvent your business, discover your Super Powers, and bring yourself and your good work into the world in a way you could only dream of.

About Kris

Kris Carey helps people discover their Super Powers, activate them, and apply them to their work (and life, of course!). She works with free agents and business Jedi to realign who they are with their work so they can produce more of the results they’re after.

She runs a community called The Reinvention Journey, where solo entrepreneurs and micro-business owners share the joy and challenges of running a business while also being human, and travel the Hero's Journey together.

She's been coaching and catalyzing since 2002 with her business, Moxie, Inc. She muses often in her own blog about business, life, the universe and everything, and is a regular contributor to the Get Clients Now! blog, where she serves as the Director of Training.

Kris speaks frequently for professional organizations, entrepreneurial groups, and conferences, and would love to speak at your next gathering.

When not working, Kris debates Star Trek vs. Star Wars with her dog, Finch, while they listen to Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue for the fourth time on repeat.

About Kris Carey and her dog Finch

A few words about Kris

My clients are serious about what they do and like to have fun while they do it.


Hear them in their own words.

I had the pleasure of working with Kristine when I invited her to participate in my Thriving Women Symposium, an all-day TED style event focusing on helping woman business owners succeed. Kristine was referred to me by a colleague who had hired her to speak at her event and had enjoyed working with her. During the months/weeks leading up to the event, Kristine and I worked on which speaking topics would be best for the audience and she tailored her presentation accordingly. I found her responsive and easy to work with, and the ladies who attended the symposium enjoyed her interactive presentation and message of success and inspiration. I look forward to working with Kristine again in a future opportunity.

Caterina Rando, Thriving Women in Business

One of the best business and personal decisions I ever made was hiring Kris as a coach. With patience and a sense of humor, she has walked with me through a personally challenging period. She’s the first to say she doesn’t give advice. But she has given me many new perspectives, and then gentle guidance in following my own intuition. Her influence has had a direct impact on my business. My revenues have more than doubled since I engaged her. And my life is mine again.

Mary Pat

Our annual conference is known for providing high-caliber speakers to present workshops. Our conference committee sought out Kristine Carey as a speaker after hearing her present in the past. We felt confident that her talents as a coach and presenter would greatly benefit our attendees. The process of working with Kristine both leading up to and after the conference was smooth, enjoyable, and efficient. Kristine was flexible in meeting our topics needs, and even submitted two different session applications at our request. She followed up with us when necessary, and was quite flexible and patient when our own internal processes caused problems. Kristine’s presentation, “Life Coaching and Organizing: Two Sides of the Same Coin,” received overall excellent ratings by session attendees. Evaluations reflected that it was content-rich, and that Kristine is very knowledgeable. Our experience of working with Kristine as a presenter was excellent, and I highly recommend her for future presentations.

Nicole Mohns, NAPO Regional Conference Program Committee

People have asked me why I started my business, and there are a lot of reasons I can give:

Control over my time, flexible schedule, location independence, the chance to make a greater impact, freedom...

The truth is, though, I couldn’t NOT start my business.

Shortly after college I had the urge to do my own thing, yet didn’t have a clue what that could be or how it might happen. It was this tiny spark that kept me searching for an opportunity to make my move away from conventional employment and go out on my own. When I saw my chance, I pounced on it and haven’t looked back.

I’ve gone through my share of dark nights of the soul, times when things seemed too hard or too big, I didn’t know how, and all the other thoughts that plague those of us who choose this path. Still, here I am, figuring it out, just as you are.

I’ve seen the promise. In fact, I’m living it. One day, in 1997, sitting at a desk in a job that was sucking the life out of me, I pulled out a small notebook and wrote out my ideal work scenario. Soon after that, while cleaning out my files, I found that scrap of paper and was stunned to discover I’m doing exactly what I dreamed of, with bonuses and upgrades I couldn’t have imagined back then.

You have a dream. Dare to live it.

What Sets Me Apart

Educated at Texas A&M University

Certified at the Academy for Coaching Excellence

Long standing member of the International Coach Federation & former President of the San Francisco Bay Area Coaches

Integrative Enneagram Solutions Accreditation, Levels 1 & 2: Individuals & Teams

Myers-Briggs Certified Practicioner

Gallup CliftonStrengths Certified Coach

Academy for Coaching Excellence logo
iEQ9 Accredited Practitioner
Gallup Certified Strengths Coach CliftonStrengths
MBTI logo
ICF Member

Over the years I’ve helped many people start businesses, and worked with all manner of free agents (those people who if they don’t work, they don’t eat).

One thing is certain:

Working for yourself is not for whimps!

If you're ready to work with someone whose been there & understands, let's talk!