Reinvention Journey

Have you ever dreamed about how good things could *really* be, yet the path there wasn’t always clear?

Yeah, us too. That’s where the Reinvention Journey comes in.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary?

Being in business for yourself brings with it reinventions big and small – reinventions that call you forth in ways you likely didn’t anticipate.

Join fellow solo entrepreneurs – freelancers – micro and small business owners who are on their own transformative paths, eager to share their insights and experiences and learn from one another. Together, we navigate the twists and turns of reinvention, empowering each other to create and refine the life and business of our dreams.

The destination?

YOU-topia: Your ideal life & business as defined exclusively by you

In the Reinvention Journey community, we help each other dream bigger, stay accountable, and reinvent what needs to be reinvented to get us where we’re going – our own personal YOU-topia.

Curious to check the Reinvention Journey community out?

Explore what the Reinvention Journey is and how it could redefine your life.

We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

Joseph Campbell

Why travel the Road of Reinvention alone when you can join our reinvention community and gain instant access to a wealth of resources, expert guidance, and unwavering support?

In this dynamic group of like-minded individuals, you'll find the encouragement you need along your Reinvention Journey.

Inside our welcoming community, you'll find a treasure trove of curated resources to enlighten your journey.

From practical tools and step-by-step guides to inspiring stories and thought-provoking discussions, we've got you covered. With our collective wisdom, you'll gain the clarity and courage you need to make meaningful, steady progress toward your goals.

And we don't stop there!

Our expert mentor Kristine Carey is dedicated to your success. She’ll provide personalized guidance to help you overcome obstacles and unlock your hidden strengths. Her wealth of knowledge and experience will accelerate your growth, ensuring you stay on track and maximize your opportunities.

You’ll soon be basking in the beauty of your YOU-topia, celebrating your wins and restocking your kit bag for the next leg of your quest.

You’re never alone on your Reinvention Journey

Reinvention is rarely a solo endeavour, and that's where our vibrant community truly shines. Surround yourself with individuals who understand your aspirations, share your passion for growth, and provide unwavering support every step of the way. Together, we'll celebrate victories, conquer challenges, and foster an environment of camaraderie and encouragement.

Running your own business is a Hero’s Journey that calls you forth, and your Reinvention starts now if you let it. Don't settle for anything less than a life filled with purposeful work, personal growth, and astounding fulfillment. Join our community of Reinventionists, and embark on the transformative Road of Reinvention.

The time for your personal revolution is here.

By joining the Reinvention Journey, you’ll:

Know how to handle all the reinventions that your Hero’s Journey is putting along your path

Contribute to a community that appreciates what you bring to the table

Be free to be who you are, quirky and cool included

Gain a deeper understanding of what makes you tick and what you need for success

Become part of a larger community of fellow travelers who get you

Experience all the good and avoid the trouble spots that often trip you up

Be in the flow of your journey and be pleasantly surprised about where it leads

Learn to keep the balance between life, business, and all.the.things.

Your monthly membership includes:

Monthly Themes

Theme specific to each month that gets you thinking and helps create a solid foundation for yourself and your business

Care Package

A curated Care Package to spark your imagination and exercises to make it real

Coaching Calls

Two 1.5-hour Coaching Calls looking at how the monthly theme applies to you personally and business-wise

Work Sessions

Two 2-hour Work Sessions to focus on working through the care package together and taking action on the things that matter most

Guidance and Support

Guidance, coaching, support and inspiration by Kristine Carey, Coach Extraordinaire and experienced Reinventionista

Hero's Journey Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of the Entrepreneurial Hero’s Journey giving perspective on where you’re at and where you’re headed, providing the perseverance needed to keep going

Course Access

Full access to our 30 Days of Reinvention course

Motivational Messages

Weekly encouragement, discussion prompts and online conversations with fellow Reinventors where we share our journeys, wins and challenges

Join your fellow Reinventionists now

Get instant access, and experience how much easier life and business are with trusted allies by your side.

What people say about it

I've worked with Kris before but the Reinvention Salon was a total OMG/AHA moment for me!

The Salon experience really helped me figure how to "unlock my brain" as to the future of my business and where I wanted to take it.

The Salon is an absolute must for solo entrepreneurs and I would not hesitate to shout it from the rooftop!

~ Jef Keep | Creative Web Nerd, The WebWorx

Participating in the Reinvention Lab has benefited me in several ways:

• It has given me the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs that are very different from me, and see how they tackle challenges and successes in their business.

• It has allowed me to help others who are not as far along as I am, to make their progress a little easier.

• I have gotten a lot of good coaching advice and suggestions from my peers.
It has given me an opportunity to practice my coaching.

• I have clarified various aspects of my marketing style, goals, and work products.

If you'd like to participate with a group of dedicated, supportive, learning entrepreneurs, I recommend that you join!

~ Craig Trombly | Owner, CJT Strengths Consulting

I’m in a period of reinvention, having moved to a new area while simultaneously making significant changes to my business. So, I was immediately attracted to Kristine Carey’s Reinvention Salon as a source of encouragement and inspiration as I go through this transition. But the Salon has turned out to be much more than that.

From the monthly themes and live discussions, I’ve gained important realizations to help me chart a path through this new territory. Regular posts on topics like focus and priorities, or freedom and ease, plus the included course “30 Days of Reinvention,” keep me on track with my transition and smooth my passage. With the Salon’s “Bite-Size Book Club,” I find new ideas and opinions to expand my thinking. … Interacting with the other members online and in co-working sessions supplies me with a group of self-employed peers to share my journey and offer new perspectives. And through it all, Kris offers gentle-but-firm nudges and personal acknowledgment that keep me moving forward in the right direction.

Sure, you could reinvent yourself and your business all on your own, but why would you when the Salon can give you the support of a wise coach and a like-minded community?

~ C.J. Hayden | Author & Writing Coach

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