How to Have a Sales Conversation Without Feeling Sharky

how to sell without being a sales shark

Do you err on the side of not being assertive enough because you’re afraid you’ll come off as sharky when talking to a potential client? I know I did. Those early days of business, when I was eager to get clients, yet didn’t really know how to do that. I vacillated between being sharky, AKA…

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How to Pay Attention to the Nuts & Bolts of Business

Nuts and bolts of your business

The nuts and bolts of business. For those of you who may not be wired to pay attention to cash flow, or marketing calendars, or sales conversations, saying you have to pay attention to your business’s bottom line is like telling you you have to start liking cod liver oil. It just ain’t gunna happen.…

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Reinvent Your Approach to Business

Reinventing Your Approach to Business

How do you hold the concept of business?   Many of us were taught that business is serious. And while it’s OK to have a bit of fun with it, it’s still business, which by default means it must be taken seriously.   The flip side of this is not taking things seriously enough, hoping…

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The Definition of Success

Your definition of success in business and life

What does success mean to you?   According to Google, success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.   The Academy of Coaching Excellence, where I got my coaching certification, defines success as doing what you said you were going to do, with ease.   Notice neither definition mentions a big house, fancy car, or piles…

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How to Make Sure You Have the Right Clients

how to make sure you have the right clients

There’s so much fuss over having clients, it’s easy to overlook an obvious question:   Do you have the right clients?   Taking good care of your clients means picking the right clients to start with. You can’t take care of everyone, nor do you want to.   So who do you *really* want to work with?…

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Reinventing How We Take Care of Clients

how to take care of clients

What occurs to you when you think about how to take care of clients?   Naturally, you think about delivering fantastic work. You’ll also think of giving great customer service, and being responsive to their questions and needs.   Do you additionally think about affirming them, validating their choices on what direction to go? What about…

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19 Ways to Show Your Business Some Love

19 Ways to Show Your Business Some Love

How much do you appreciate your business, and the life it makes possible for you?   How often do you express your love for what you and your business do together, send your business love letters, declare your love from the rooftops?     What about doing it today?    Being in business all these years…

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How To Love Your Own Company

Reinventing Love

Why is it so weird to say to ourselves, “I love you”?   I’ve read plenty of things that say you’re supposed to love yourself, even giving ideas of how to go about it, and yet it’s almost like a badge of honor to say how challenging that is… when you say it’s hard to…

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New Year, New You + Activity

New Year New You

What would you like to bring with you into this shiny New Year? What would you like to leave behind?   There’s a certain type of pressure that comes with the completion of the year, an obligation of sorts to pull it together and make next year really count. It can be hard to put…

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Finish Well vs. Finish Strong

Finish Well vs. Finish Strong

What if you play with the pace of your work and life?   Here’s why – because in order to finish the year well, you need to know what your pace is and adjust your expectations accordingly.   Operating on autopilot often goes like this: I have a lot to do, so I need to…

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