How to Make Sure You Have the Right Clients

how to make sure you have the right clients

There’s so much fuss over having clients, it’s easy to overlook an obvious question:   Do you have the right clients?   Taking good care of your clients means picking the right clients to start with. You can’t take care of everyone, nor do you want to.   So who do you *really* want to work with?…

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Reinventing How We Take Care of Clients

how to take care of clients

What occurs to you when you think about how to take care of clients?   Naturally, you think about delivering fantastic work. You’ll also think of giving great customer service, and being responsive to their questions and needs.   Do you additionally think about affirming them, validating their choices on what direction to go? What about…

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Why You Need Clients

We need to talk about your business. Not to be too crass, yet part of the formula for a successful business looks like this: Clients = Money You need clients because you need money, because you want freedom to do things for yourself and others personally and professionally, which means you need to do something…

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Get Clients Now! ~ What is it?

Get Clients Now with Kristine Carey Coach

  What is Get Clients Now!™? Get Clients Now! is a 28-day marketing program that you design yourself, based on your style, your strengths, and what you’d like to achieve in the next 28 days. Businesses like yours often want more clients, hence the name. However, there are other things you can accomplish using the…

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Who is your ideal client? How to identify them…

  When I started my business, “everyone” told me I needed to know 1) my target market and 2) my ideal client. In those early days, that meant anyone who had a pulse, which turned out not to be an effective marketing strategy. The pressure of figuring out the answer to those questions felt burdensome,…

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What is Get Clients Now™!?

You may have heard me mention Get Clients Now! What you may not know is what I think of as it’s alternate name: Get “THE THING YOU WANT” Now. Let’s explore. What is Get Clients Now!? Get Clients Now! is a 28-day marketing program that you design yourself, based on your style, your strengths, and…

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Client Update – Success!

I got an email today from a woman I coached several years ago on finding her next career move.  She is successful by all measures – MBA from an Ivy League school, fancy job titles – yet was deeply unfulfilled.  Together we created a vision of how her work life could look and feel, and…

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