Positive Challenges

positive challenges

Why do we often assume challenges are negative? Thinking back, I realize many of the challenges I’ve faced have been positive challenges, although it may not have felt that way at the time. learning something new looking for ways to deal with something differently than I did in the past dreaming about creating something fresh,…

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What Challenges are You Facing?

facing challenges

Challenges have a way of sneaking up on you, if you know what I mean.   As you glide through the month, notice what shows up in your life and work, and how often things feel challenging: this is what I’ve been doing and it’s been eye-opening. I’m surprised by how often something occurs to…

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What Do Challenges Mean to You? [+ Video]

What Do Challenges Mean to You Kristine Carey Reinvention Expert

What do challenges mean to you? While I find challenges, well, challenging, I also think of them as a calling forth, and evidence that I’m up to something. What challenges are you facing right now, and how can you see them as a good sign?     Liked this video? Here are three articles on…

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Facing Challenges Keeps You Feeling Alive!

facing challenges successfully

You know that thing that happens when you get a great idea, and then not too long afterwards it starts feeling challenging to pursue? Of course you do. You’re the kind of person who does things in the world, which means that you’ve experienced this at least once.   This is the good news: having…

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To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before

To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before Kristine Carey

What does it mean to be bold, to go where you have not gone before? Even more so, where no one else has gone before — truly unchartered territory? I’ll give you an example: as I write this I’m in at Coffee Bar, a hip coffee shop that caters to the laptop and espresso crowd.…

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What Assumptions Are You Making?

Monday, Oct 29th a message from =KRISTINE CAREY ~ CATALYST= The Giants have won the World Series and all the town’s aglow in Orange – literally! Even though the Detroit Tigers were favored to win, the Giants swept in 4 games, which makes me wonder what assumptions both teams were making as they entered the Series?…

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Time to Get Going, like NOW

Tuesday, Aug 7th a message from =KRISTINE CAREY ~ CATALYST=   I’ve spent the afternoon outlining a new idea for a website – I’ll keep you posted when it’s all up and going! – and to get some inspiration I visited the ittybiz.com site. More on what I found below; needless to say, now is the…

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Are you in or out of your comfort zone?

Monday Jul 23rd a message from =KRISTINE CAREY ~ CATALYST= As this newsletter goes out I am enjoying 90+ degree weather in Lewiston, Idaho, visiting my 95 year old Grandma and my Uncle and Aunt. Little Finch is enjoying his travels up here, too. All this makes me wonder about being outside my comfort zone. Traveling with…

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Back from Hiatus & Time to Take a Risk

Tuesday Jul 10th a message from =KRISTINE CAREY ~ CATALYST= Welcome back from hiatus! The newsletter and Get *stuff* Done Day have taken some time off to relax and vacation and are now ready to be back in full swing…here’s some of what I’ve been up to: I was in Dallas for 4 days seeing…

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