Self-Care for You and Your Business [video]

Self-Care for You and You Business

If you’ve ever wondered if self-care makes a difference, it does! You know how the airlines are always telling you to put your oxygen mask on first? If you pass out, you’re not going to be much help to anyone. Same holds true for your business. Pushing yourself beyond your limits might work for a…

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Coming Out of Your Business Cocoon [Video]

If you’ve been having trouble emerging from your pandemic business cocoon, welcome to the club! I’ve read lots of articles, and talked to numerous people, who’re saying the same thing (including me). Things like: I don’t know where to start with marketing my business again. I feel like I don’t know how to talk to…

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Self-Care: Good for You *and Your Business

Self-Care… for you, as a human, and a business owner. What does this mean? And why does it matter? A coach a long time ago told me that self-ish was self-care. It took me a while to get the distinction he was making. How can being selfish be good? Practicing self-care may look selfish to…

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs [Video]

If we don’t have our most basic needs met – food, shelter, a sense of safety – it makes pursuing a higher calling or endeavor much more difficult. 2020 was a challenging year in Maslow terms; the good news is that 2021 is shaping up to be a bit brighter. Watch this video for thoughts…

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Pandemic Brain

I’ve been feeling blah lately; exhausted, blank. I shuffle from room to room, looking for meaning, then forgetting just as quickly why I was in that room, and the blankness returns. Brain fog. I’ve been asking myself what’s wrong with me. My life is good: I have work I love, a fantastic place to live,…

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The Shove that was 2020

Let’s face it – 2020 wasn’t the year any of us thought it would be. As a business owner, you know the importance of staying nimble, being flexible, and keeping your eyes open for opportunities, and it seems 2020 has put those qualities to the test. I was talking with a colleague about this and…

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What Does All Your Stuff Have to Do with Business? 

There’s a strong chance that as a self-employed professional, you work at home either part or most of the time, and during the pandemic — with its lockdown and need for physical distancing — working at home has become more significant than ever. Which, good news / bad news, means you’ve had plenty of time…

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Self-Care as a Business Owner (Thoughts + Video)

As a business owner, it’s entirely possible you forget to take care of yourself. Or you take care of yourself in fits and starts. Or you find yourself working a crazy amount, then burning out for the next week or so. Maybe this sounds familiar to you, or maybe it’s just me? (yikes!) August is…

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More Thoughts on “Including That”

In these past weeks I’ve been playing with July’s theme, “I think I’ll include that,” watching all the ways it seems easy for me to include things, and feeling a bit sheepish about the ways I push against things that just are.   This past week, I had another chance to notice this. On Fridays,…

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I Think I’ll Include That (+Video)

What if, rather than pushing against what you don’t like, or don’t want, or don’t know what to do with, you instead choose to include it?   By including something, you’re not endorsing it. You’re simply acknowledging what is, and allowing it to just be.   I don’t want to do marketing. I think I’ll…

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