19 Ways to Show Your Business Some Love

19 Ways to Show Your Business Some Love

How much do you appreciate your business, and the life it makes possible for you? How often do you express your love for what you and your business do together, send your business love letters, declare your love from the rooftops?  


How about doing it today? 


Being in business all these years myself, I know how easy it can be to not directly express your delight for what you have, and the consequences of not doing so. It’s one thing to know and remind yourself about how much you love your work and how fun it is to be in business for yourself; it’s another to have a regular practice of appreciation.  


When you appreciate what you have, you give your business the nourishment it needs to blossom and keep growing. More love in, more love out, more love to go around. 


How do you let your appreciation show? And if you’re not loving your business as much right now, what can you do to freshen things up, and foster more goodness? Here are some ideas to deepen your love and appreciation, no matter where you find yourself on the love-o-meter. 


  1. Finish one item that’s been bothering you so you can regain your focus 
  2. Make a list of five things that being in business for yourself has made possible 
  3. Daydream new ways to take good care of your clients 
  4. Take the afternoon off and play 
  5. Remember why you went into business to begin with 
  6. Watch an inspirational movie about someone who brought their dream to life 
  7. Set up a workflow system that helps you and your business feel taken care of 
  8. Hire someone to help you with something you’ve been putting off or don’t know how to do 
  9. Rearrange your desk for a new view 
  10. List three things you’re looking forward to doing in your business 
  11. Attend a seminar to spark your intellect 
  12. Buy the organizing system you’ve had your eye on 
  13. Read a book to learn more about your craft 
  14. Have a leisurely lunch with a colleague and talk business 
  15. Start a practice of listing what went amazing that day 
  16. Go for a walk to exercise your body and free your mind 
  17. Make time for what matters to you most 
  18. Sit and doing nothing – just be – and see what comes up 
  19. Spend a few hours filling your business well, whatever it needs the most today 


Taking the time to figure out what caring looks and feels like, and acting on it, gives you the fuel to keep going. It’s like keeping your gas tank full, so you’ll always have the time, energy, and resources to do what you want and need to do. 


My hunch is you already know what it’s like to run out of gas, to not have the bandwidth or energy to keep going, and know that’s not the way you want to work. Today, show your business some love and appreciation by pulling a few items from the list above and doing them. Make being openly loving toward your business a regular thing, and watch how much you, and your business, flourish.


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