How to Have a Sales Conversation Without Feeling Sharky

how to sell without being a sales shark

Do you err on the side of not being assertive enough because you’re afraid you’ll come off as sharky when talking to a potential client? I know I did. Those early days of business, when I was eager to get clients, yet didn’t really know how to do that. I vacillated between being sharky, AKA…

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How to Pay Attention to the Nuts & Bolts of Business

Nuts and bolts of your business

The nuts and bolts of business. For those of you who may not be wired to pay attention to cash flow, or marketing calendars, or sales conversations, saying you have to pay attention to your business’s bottom line is like telling you you have to start liking cod liver oil. It just ain’t gunna happen.…

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Taking Care of the Nuts and Bolts of Small Business

How to stay on top of the nuts and bolts of business

If you’re like me, taking care of the nuts and bolts of small business can feel like work sometimes… which makes it not so fun to do.   What’s that you say, the cat needs a bath? Sounds good if it’ll get me out of doing this stuff!   There’s a certain amount of nutsy-boltsy…

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Reinventing Your Business Foundation

Reinventing Your Business Foundation

When I first started my business fresh out of coaching school, I hired a coach who was known for helping people grow their businesses.   I’d been coaching on the side for a few years, had just quit my day job, and needed to figure out how being in business for myself worked.   In…

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Does Your Attention Follow Your Intention?

Does Your Attention Follow Your Intention

Does your attention really follow the intention you’re trying to support? As an entrepreneur, what do you really focus on when you have so much to do each day? Is there a different between where you put your attention vs your intention? Discover how to link your focus and priorities so you can bring your…

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Three Ways Persistence Helps Your Marketing

Never say die! This familiar battle cry speaks to what’s required if you are in business for any length of time. Having a business requires persistence: persistence in showing up to do your work every day, persistence in delivering the value your company offers, and persistence in your marketing. How persistent are you, marketing-wise? Persistence…

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How Do You Get Stuff Done?

get things done

Maybe you’re good at making a list and checking off the boxes. Or maybe you’re good at making a list, then losing or ignoring it. Or just maybe you think about making a list, then forget what you were doing and wander off into the kitchen to get a snack. Then there are the times…

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What is a Sales Conversation?

What is a Sales Conversation? Recently I talked with a professional who is thinking of leaving her corporate job and going out on her own. As this was an introductory conversation to see if she and I might work together as coach and client, we quickly covered some of the basics: Did she have an…

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What is Get Clients Now™!?

You may have heard me mention Get Clients Now! What you may not know is what I think of as it’s alternate name: Get “THE THING YOU WANT” Now. Let’s explore. What is Get Clients Now!? Get Clients Now! is a 28-day marketing program that you design yourself, based on your style, your strengths, and…

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