Self-Care: Good for You *and Your Business


for you, as a human, and a business owner. What does this mean? And why does it matter?

A coach a long time ago told me that self-ish was self-care. It took me a while to get the distinction he was making. How can being selfish be good? Practicing self-care may look selfish to others or feel self-indulgent in your own mind but that’s just not the truth.

When you think of self-care, what springs to mind? It may be these sorts of things:

  • Time for yourself to be alone
  • Taking a bath
  • Meditating
  • Walking in the woods
  • Sipping tea and watching the rain
  • Spending time around people you love
  • Doing a hobby
  • Journaling or meditating

Self-care can also mean these sorts of things:

  • Saying no
  • Speaking up for what you want
  • Taking a stand for something that’s important to you
  • Setting firm boundaries
  • Only saying yes to things you actually want to do and letting go of other people’s expectations
  • Taking the time you need to complete or contemplate something

As spring continues to flower and thoughts turn to what’s coming up the rest of the year, take time to put pieces in place that support you, not just for business — also for yourself.

I’m sure self-care is on my mind today because I’m in a particularly busy phase with my business. In the past, this would have sent me into the twister and a flurry of worry, action, fretting, getting it all done, and, finally, collapsing. Oh, and hopefully remembering to have at least somewhat of a good time along the way.

This time around, I decided to do things differently. Here’s what self-care looks like for me at the moment.

  • Breathing
  • Sitting on my deck for an hour with one martini (Tito’s, super dry, lemon twist), savoring it slowly, and watching the sunset
  • Having an Amazon watch party with my friend
  • Walking my dog, petting my cat
  • Reading an actual book-book
  • Cooking
  • Being kind to others and practicing compassion with myself
  • Saying yes to work that feeds my deeper desires
  • Being more open, transparent, and vulnerable with those around me — even and especially in work relationships
  • Staying present (rather than future thinking, or freaking out, or running around breathless) while in the middle of multiple projects and to-dos

This way of approaching my life is easier, more spacious, and a heck of a lot more fun. This is the way I want to live and work.



Which leads us to the question of why self-care matters. It matters because if you don’t take care of you, in that special way you know you like, then no one else can. It’s like a bottomless pit that can’t be filled until you start to fill it yourself from the inside. Only then can others support and contribute to your care.

Self-care, first and foremost, is about you taking care of you.

What can you do right now to take care of yourself? What would happen if you made yourself a priority today, in life and in work? What might be new and different if you allow yourself this “indulgence”?

Today’s the day to find out.

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