Back from Hiatus & Time to Take a Risk

Jul 10th
a message from =KRISTINE CAREY ~ CATALYST=

Welcome back from hiatus! The newsletter and Get *stuff* Done Day have

taken some time off to relax and vacation and are now ready to be back

in full swing…here’s some of what I’ve been up to:

I was in Dallas for 4 days seeing friends and family and visiting the
Dallas Arboretum to see the Chihuly glass exhibit. After that I was
off to Houston for 5 days to see more friends and family and attend my
cousin’s wedding in Galveston. While there I visited the Menil
Collection, Rothko Chapel and the Museum of Fine Arts. It was hot and
humid (Texas in the summer baby) and yet seeing all the art made it all
better somehow. I also drank Pina Coladas and swam in the resort pool.

I hope your Summer is treating you well – I’d love a report of what
you’ve done so far and what is still to come, up to and including what
book you’re reading. Have fun!


=GET *STUFF==*= Done Day
returns in August
Friday, 8/3 – save the date!
The next Get *stuff* Done Day is 3 weeks away and
has been a big hit with those who’ve participated.

To learn more about it, [1]click here.

Here’s the scoop:
Friday, August 3
10 – 2 PT (1 – 5 ET)
Conference line: 760.569.7676 (normal long distance charges will apply)
Participant code: 272204

==Time to get Risky==
How much are you willing to take a risk? What level of cost is OK to
make it worthwhile? A scraped knee, a bruised ego? And have you aver
noticed how being “risky” can feel like a really big deal, so big that
you make up a story about it that you live over and over into the
future, usually about how you *shouldn’t* have taken the risk?




I was reading a blog post the other day by my pal [2]Jenna Avery and
was touched by a story she shared about her son. Here’s an expert from
the post:

“The other day on the way to preschool, my son tripped, fell flat on
his hands, and dropped his toys. After he stopped crying and we had a
good hug, he said to me, “I was running too fast and I threw my toys.”
I thought about that for a minute and responded, “I don’t think you
were running too fast, but sometimes we do trip and fall down.” I
wanted him to know that sometimes, things just go wrong, and we don’t
necessarily want to : 1) blame ourselves, or 2) hold back overly from
enjoying life because ‘something might happen.'”


Where do you hold back? It may be entirely worth it to run and throw
your toys – how else are we gunna know where our limits are, how
certain things work? The trick is to not make up a story about how you
should be more careful, but rather to run more and get used to dusting
yourself off. Living with some risks can be extremely rewarding,
leading to creativity and innovation in your business. So get good set
of knee pads and let me know how your next risky move goes, k?

=On the Calendar=
Wednesday, July 11 in San Francisco – Attending the San Francisco Bay
Area Coaches gathering at the Handlery Hotel

Thursday, July 19 in San Francisco – Attending the “Toast Modernists”
toastmaster meeting at SFMOMA

=What I’m up to=
Watching the Giants play the Astros at AT&T Park, followed by fireworks
Having brunch with Eldercare Coach [3]Janice Wallace
Just finished Phule’s Company, a sci fi pulp fiction classic

=Art Links=
I mentioned several museums and art works above: here are links where
you can find out more:
[4]Dallas Arboretum
[5]The Menil Collection
[6]Rothko Chapel

[7]Museum of Fine Arts Houston





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