What Assumptions Are You Making?

Monday, Oct 29th
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The Giants have won the World Series and all the town’s aglow in Orange – literally! Even though the Detroit Tigers were favored to win, the Giants swept in 4 games, which makes me wonder what assumptions both teams were making as they entered the Series? More on assumptions below; for now, I’m going to assume you’re well and having a winning series yourself.

Go Team!

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=What Assumptions Are You Making?=
I met a client outside my new office this week. When we were setting up the meeting I realized it would be easy to meet on the outside; I said something along the lines of, “Just meet me on the corner, any corner at the intersection will be fine.” He pressed me for more details – how would he know which corner? How would we find each other? On the day of our meeting, I arrived at the intersection and there he was, on the corner as we had planned. He explained to me how perplexed he had been about my vagueness about standing on the corner to meet and my reluctance to go into more detail. Once he got to the intersection, however, he understood; it’s a quiet street, tree lined, minimal traffic and clear visibility all around. Finding each other was not a problem.

Moral of the story: We both made assumptions. He assumed it was a busy intersection in the Financial District, with loads of people and traffic. I assumed he could see the picture in my mind of a mellow, charming street.

Assumptions happen to us all. Making assumptions in business, even small ones like where to meet your clients, can be costly. You can over or under estimate people and situations without even realizing it. My question is: What assumptions are you making, and are they helping or hurting your business? Hit reply, I’d love to hear your experience!

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