Monday Jul 23rd
a message from =KRISTINE CAREY ~ CATALYST=

As this newsletter goes out I am enjoying 90+ degree weather in

Lewiston, Idaho, visiting my 95 year old Grandma and my Uncle and Aunt.
Little Finch is enjoying his travels up here, too. All this makes me
wonder about being outside my comfort zone. Traveling with my dog on
an airplane is outside my comfort zone, and visiting with my relatives
is within my comfort zone; is one more valuable than the other? Read
on for more thoughts on this below; right now I have to go change into
my shorts.

Happy Summer ~



If you’ve been thinking you would like some support, or benefit from an
outside perspective on some aspect of your business, coaching is a fun,
easy, active way to do that.

As coach and client we look at what’s currently going on in your
business, as well as what you’d like to work on and create, and make a
plan to get you moving.

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=Are you out of your comfort zone?=

As you’ve likely picked up on, I’ve attended several Toastmasters
meetings recently. I do a fair amount of public speaking, and over the
years several of my colleagues have suggested I give TM a try, so I am.
And here’s what I’ve noticed: in one group I feel like I have it all
dialed in and even though I’ve only been there once I already “own” the
room. In the other group I notice myself being shy, awkward, more my
former invisible self. Without over analyzing the details, the bottom
line is in one group I’m in my comfort zone (cz) and in the other I’m
not. Is this a good or a bad thing?

Comes a time in your business and professional life when you’ll want
to expand into something new or shake up an older way of doing things.
This will likely cause some excitement mixed with confusion or a
feeling of it being scary or hard, maybe not knowing where to start,
putting you outside your cz. It’s easy to make a case that if you’re
doing something new you have to go outside your cz and yet….what if
you tried that new thing *within* your cz?

Sounds oxymoronic – how can I do something new without being

uncomfortable – yet the fact that you’re not as unsure gives a safety
net that allows you to go deeper, with more confidence, and explore
more areas than if you did it without the net. Absolutely some things
cannot be done without a more radical departure from your norm and cz,
and yet for those things that can be built on what’s already there,
well, let’s take the easy road! Less discomfort, good accomplishments,
more ease.

So what does that mean for me and my two Toastmasters groups? It means
I’ll join both for now. Speaking within the group where I’m already
comfortable allows me to take greater risks with already known
quantities (revise current presentations, hone certain parts of the
presentation, etc.); speaking within the group outside my cz allows me
to face situations that will arise where I don’t feel I have control
and learn how to be adaptable and effective when I’m slightly rattled.
A win-win for me and my business all the way around.

=Get *stuff* Done Day on the way!=
Friday, 8/3

Any incomplete items you’d like to get finished?
Projects you’d like to start?
Phone calls or emails you’d like to send?

Mark your calendar now for Fri, Aug 3 from 10 – 2 PT for the next Get
*stuff* Done Day.

Bring all your items, projects and more and join along
The call in details are below, as well as a link to learn more about
how the day works.
Talk to you soon!!

Call details:
Friday, August 3
10 – 2 PT (1 – 5 ET)
Conference line: 760.569.7676 (normal long distance charges will apply)
Participant code: 272204

To learn more, [2]click here.

=On the Calendar=
July 26 – 31 Virtual Conference – Attending Andrea Lee’s [3]Coaching
Skills Intensive

Tuesday, July 31 in San Francisco – Teaching @ the Small Business
Administration: Top 10 Characteristics of Successful Business Owners.
This is a new talk, come hear the beta version!

=What I’m up to=
Fun, sun and family in Idaho
Reading more pulp sci fi: Robert Asprin’s Phule’s Paradise
Conitinuing a daily 3 item gratitude practice with my Brain Trust group

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