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Wednesday Aug 1st
a message from


I taught a class at the Small Business Administration last night and it
was a great group – thanks to all who attended and are now part of this
newsletter family! One of the things we talked about was playing to
your strengths — read on for a great tool to discover your strengths
and how to apply them in your business. Also, join me this Friday and
get some *stuff* done – more on that below, too. Look forward to
hearing what your strengths are, and talk with you Friday ~


Get *stuff=*== DONE DAY=
Friday, 8/3 from 10 – 2 PT

The next Get *stuff* Done Day is 3 days away and
has been a big hit with those who’ve participated.
This is your chance to get those things done that have been piling up –
or maybe even start a new project.
Whatever you need to get done, this FRIDAY is the day!

To learn more about it, [1]click here.

Call this number to join in:
Friday, August 3
10 – 2 PT (1 – 5 ET)
Conference line: 760.569.7676 (normal long distance charges will apply)
Participant code: 272204

=Play to your Strengths=

Have you ever thought or been told that it’s best to focus on getting
better at your weaknesses, to be well rounded? Maybe you’ve taken on
the challenge of looking at your weaknesses straight on and addressing
them. Raise your hand if in your attempt to shore up these weaknesses
you’ve been frustrated, just a bit, you know, from time to time….

Turns out there is an entire school of thought, spearheaded by the
Gallup organization, that says you should as much as possible eliminate
your interaction with your weaknesses, or at least minimize the amount
of time you spend engaged with them. For the past decade Gallup has
polled people at work and discovered how powerful it is when people
play to their strengths — those who do are significantly more engaged
in what they do. What that means for you as an entrepreneur/small
business owner is extremely significant: if you spent the same amount
of time focusing on your strengths, and getting better at what comes
naturally to you, your productivity and satisfaction go up
exponentially. Taking that same amount of time and energy and focusing
on your weaknesses, while you may seem some improvement, will never
lead to the amount experienced when you work within your strengths.

Simply put, you get more bang for your investment when you focus on
strengths rather than weaknesses. And as the owner of your own biz,
this means better use of your time, more fulfillment, clearer
priorities, all of which leads to more money and customer satisfaction.
It makes a lot of sense that you want your time and efforts to pay off,
and how nice that this can all be accomplished by a shift in
perspective and the help of an assessment to act as a guide.

Gallup developed an assessment based on their research, popularized in
the book [2]StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath. When you buy the book be
sure to get a new copy; each book has a unique code that you use to
access an online assessment, and if the code is used it cannot be used
again. Set aside an hour to read the introduction, take the online
assessment, and review your results. The hit reply on this message and
let me know what your strengths are, and how you plan to start using
them more!

=Playing to your Strengths Special Offer=
If you are interested in learning more about working with your
strengths consider signing up for 2 coaching sessions where you’ll take
the StrengthsFinder assessment, we’ll go over the results, and you’ll
get real world ideas of how to play to your strengths in your business
and in your life. Its a very empowering experience that can lead to
immediate results, both tangible and warm and fuzzy 🙂

This special 2 session StrengthsFinder package is priced at $395,
*which is $100 off the normal price*
and includes the book, 2 one hour sessions, and email support as

To take advantage of this offer hit reply to this email
or call / email me to arrange a time to get started:; 415.706.5141.

Note: this offer ends next Tuesday, August 7 @ 12 midnight PT, so if
you’re interested or think this might be for you, please act now ~
I look forward to supporting you in discovering and using your

=On the Calendar=
Thursday, August 2 in San Francisco – Attending the “Toast Modernists”
toastmaster meeting at SFMOMA

Friday, August 3 via telephone bridgeline – Get *stuff* Done Day

=What I’m up to=
Watching the Olympics
Cooking an amazing chili braised pork shoulder
Brushing up on my speed reading techniques so I can get through all the
books I’d like to read

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