Get Clients Now! ~ What is it?

Get Clients Now with Kristine Carey Coach


What is Get Clients Now!™?
Get Clients Now! is a 28-day marketing program that you design yourself, based on your style, your strengths, and what you’d like to achieve in the next 28 days. Businesses like yours often want more clients, hence the name. However, there are other things you can accomplish using the Get Clients Now! program.

Check out this video of me explaining the Get Clients Now! program here.

How it Works
You choose what kind of goal you’d like to set:
1. 3 New clients at your premium rate OR
2. $5000 in sales closed OR
3. 8 new qualified prospects OR…

You choose what part of the sales cycle you’d like to focus on:
1. Fill your sales pipeline
2. Follow-up on leads
3. Make sales pitches
4. Close sales

You choose what outreach method(s) you’d like to use:
1. Direct Contact and Follow-Up
2. Networking and Referral Building
3. Public Speaking
4. Writing and Publicity
5. Promotional Events
6. Advertising

By identifying each of these categories, and being very specific, you’ve already set yourself up to be more effective than most people are in any given month, which alone is enough to get your business moving!

The next step is to look at the types of actions you’d like to take that seem like they’ll be helpful in:
1. Accomplishing your goal
2. Matching the part of the sales cycle you’re working on
3. Matching the outreach method(s) you’d like to use

The more the goal and your efforts match, the more likely you are to achieve your goal. Get Clients Now! makes choosing your actions easy by providing you with a menu of ideas you can choose from.

The actions you choose will be the ones that are the best fit for YOU.


Get Clients Now! is BIG and small Picture
A fun thing about the program is that it helps you identify your longer term goal, in addition to the next 28-day goal. You can pick up to 3 projects to work on over the 28-days that will help you lay the foundation for future success.


It’s Easy
The program ends up looking like this:
1. Identify long term goal
2. Pick up to 3 projects to build long term foundation
3. Identify short term 28-day goal
4. Pick what part of the marketing cycle you’ll focus on
5. Pick what outreach method(s) you’ll use
6. Choose 10 actions that you’ll do at least 1 x per week for the next 4 weeks to get to your 28-day goal
7. Get started!

That’s it; these 7 steps can move your business forward with amazing speed and clarity. The more specific you are, the more focused you are, and the more you take action, the more you build up momentum. Putting your efforts into a 28-day time frame concentrates all the good mojo and –zoom– off you go!

I’ve used the Get Clients Now! program for over 10 years. In fact, it was one of the first things I used to grow my business when I started, and it’s the one I return to most consistently when I want to accomplish something specific.


Join in the Next Get Clients Now! Group!
Have I gotten you curious about Get Clients Now! and what it can do for your business? If so, join me on an upcoming 28-day adventure! We’ll take time at the beginning for  you learn the program and design your 28-day goal and actions. Over the next 4 weeks you take those actions and report to the group the progress you’re making, the challenges you’re facing, and the opportunities that are popping up. Progress happens because you are willing to put yourself out there, state a goal, and actually go for it – in a structured way, with the support of other like-minded peers in the group and me as your coach and facilitator.


Join the adventure. It’s bold. It’s brave. It may be exactly what your business is asking you for.


CLICK HERE to contact me about working with the Get Clients Now! program in your business!


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