This time is a calling forth – of duress and fear, to be sure – and also of possibility, courage, and inventiveness. What if you were hopeful without being Pollyanna, without denying the incomprehensible world events surrounding you? What’s possible from that space? Being hopeful is an acknowledgment that business as usual is over, with…

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Yes to Entrepreneur Inspiration

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are 100% capable of reinventing your life. No matter where you find yourself, or what’s going on, change is available and possible. I know that you don’t have to know how, or when, or even what – all that matters is that you have a…

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Entrepreneurial Arms - Flower in field with lights

I have a dream. A dream that you can have work that nourishes your soul. Work that allows you to use your Super Powers. Work that affords you the freedom, time, space, and finances to do the things you love in life. Work that sustains your soul. Some people call it work, others a vocation,…

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This year will be different - man wearing ok hat

How many times have you said, “This year will be different!” in January? Or in slight desperation and defiant hope, uttered, “Next year will be different!” in December?   And you really meant it.   The year rolls by, and you do the best you can to keep up with daily demands: take care of…

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Breathe when things fall apart

Sometimes it’s hard to have perspective when things around you feel like they’re falling apart. Your best laid plans for work and life seem to be slowly unraveling, and your world feels topsy-turvy. What to do? Breathe. Breathe because your body needs oxygen. Breathe because you need the lightness that air brings. Breathe because it’s…

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Dark silhouette of an entrepreneur who is not feeling it

What do you do when you’re just not feeling it? Not feeling the business love… Not feeling like your mojo’s working… Not feeling like you know what you’re doing… Not feeling like you know how to keep going… Not feeling like you’ve got any originality left in you… What do you do?   You keep…

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Entrepreneurial inspiration - catching up to who you are

There’s a strange thing that happens as you get older. Your mind has a way of clinging to the past, a vision of yourself that’s out of date. A collage forms in the back of your mind: you in junior high, you when you got your first job, you when you got married, you climbing…

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Entrepreneur woman watching subway go by while she stays

I heard a story on the This American Life podcast about a man waiting on a subway platform, and in the crowd was another man walking up to people, saying, “You’re In. You’re Out. You, you can stay. You — gotta go.” The story teller found himself secretly wanting to be picked to stay, which…

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