Managing Your Energy at the End of the Year

manage your energy

How do you manage your energy as the end of the year approaches, with so many things pulling for your attention?


Projects to wrap up…

Holiday events to plan/attend…

Family obligations to take care of…


It’s ironic how many things are on our literal and mental to-do lists at a time of the year when we often have less energy to do them. How can you honor the amount of energy you have, and not overextend yourself? Where can you find the energy to take care of everything?


The answer is, you don’t take care of everything.


Managing your energy means looking beyond the noise, filtering out the dissonance, and distilling things down to their essence: what matters most. This may mean many things remain on your to do list, or it may mean that many things fall away. What it ideally means, though, is that the things that remain are the ones that bring the most joy, have the most impact, and feel the most fun.


Imagine having just the right amount of energy so you can spend the day well, and do what matters most. Makes me breathe deep just to think of it.


Take a look at what’s on your plate and ask yourself what the distilled list looks and feels like. Now do what you need to do to make that a reality: move things, cancel things, make decisions about where to put your attention and time, and allow yourself to follow through on what you discover.


The secret to managing your energy is choosing wisely. Take a minute now to make a wise choice.


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