Approaching the End of the Year

Approaching the End of the Year

Time is flying …how is it already October?… and I feel as though I’m just about ready to begin on some projects I planned earlier this year.


There is literally not enough time to do everything I had planned …I’m sure you can relate – please tell me you can relate… which means it’s time to make some decisions about what I can realistically accomplish before this year is over.

From a to-do list point of view, now’s the perfect time to look at what was planned for 2021, and ask:

  • Are these items/ideas/projects still meaningful? Which ones make sense to keep on the to-do list, and which ones should be let go?
  • Of the ones that remain, does it make sense to try and accomplish them before 2021 wraps up, or are they better suited for 2022?
  • Do a reality check: is there too much to do between now and December 31, 2021? What’s the just right amount to finish out the year feeling good without stressing?
  • Look at how much time is realistically available, knowing things like the Holidays are coming, and arrange the to-dos and calendar accordingly.

From a mindset point of view, less can be more. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you have to do it all because you said you would all those months ago. Yet this is now, and the you of now knows things the you of then didn’t, which means you get a chance to evaluate what’s most relevant at this point, and only work on those things.

So much easier on your mind.

You’re the boss of your to-do list and your mindset, so when you’re thinking about the remainder of 2021, reinvent it as a time of connecting with what matters most. Leave the taskmaster of earlier this year behind; this will ensure that what you choose to accomplish by the end of the year will be just right.

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