What does less mean to you?

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As we approach the end of the year, my mind is turning to a familiar phrase:


Less is more.


I’ve been pondering this for several weeks now, as I review the year and think about what I want to make sure gets done before the year’s over. It’s been fascinating to notice my tendency to feel like I have to do so many things to end the year *right, and yet when I step back, I realize that’s not actually true.


Nonetheless, the voices persist.


I’m attributing this to conditioning.


Somewhere along the line I got the message that the way to make the year a success was to make a big push at the end and really go for it. All those things that seemed like a good idea back in January/February? I can still do them if I just put in the time and effort!


I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a part of me that feels like this is a good idea, and to use the time off that’s coming to do just that. And yet, as I sit with it, I know in my heart that’s not where my head and energy are, and even if I tried, it wouldn’t work. My headspace is different than it was back then, and I’m not even sure I want those same things in the same way at this point.


And yet, it tugs at me.

This is where less is more comes in.


If I look at the rest of the year as a container that I get to fill however I choose, my preference is to fill it with just a few items, carefully curated to give me a sense of joy and spaciousness, making the few items I choose that much more compelling.


As you approach the end of the year, notice what’s tugging at you, and ask yourself where the tug is coming from. If it’s from a place of supposed to or should, I encourage you to look at what less would look and feel like, and work from there. It’s amazing how successful you can feel doing far less than seems necessary.

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