What Does Reinventing Yourself Look Like?

What Does Reinventing Yourself Look Like?

What does reinventing yourself look like?


This question has been on my mind as I’ve prepared for this month’s theme, Reinventing Yourself. I’ve thought about my own reinventions, some big, some small: moving from Texas to California, getting married then divorced, trying out new colors for my clothes.


Through them all, I’ve felt fear, excitement, curiosity, and confusion, just to name a few. As silly as it seems, I was afraid when I tried out a new clothing color; not as much as moving to a new state, thankfully, yet it took more courage that you might imagine.


Whenever your personal reinvention is right now, do your best to be courageous, even when you’re not sure how – it’ll keep you centered as you ease into your new way of being and doing, and give you the breathing room to become even more you.


But remember this — every reinvention is different. Each has its own flavor and rhythm. 


Some you choose consciously, some sneak up on you. Some demand all your time and attention, some hum along in the background.


What’s the flavor of your reinvention?


Understanding more about your reinvention gives you the insights you need to lean into it, be present, and absorb all its goodness.


Be curious and surprised by what’s being reinvented right now, and enjoy watching it unfold.




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