Get Clients Now!

Bring the Get Clients Now! book to life with this self-study companion course

Doing 10 simple things per day can bring you all the clients you’ll ever need

Get Clients Now! is a road-tested 28-day marketing and sales program used by thousands of self-employed professionals. It's designed to help you set a specific business-building goal, and take systematic steps to achieve it over the next 28 days.

Diving deeper into the Get Clients Now! system via this online program, Director of Training Kristine Carey takes you beyond what the book teaches...

  • You'll be guided step by step to design and implement a successful marketing action plan.  
  • You'll explore what marketing activities play to your strengths and help your business thrive. 
  • You’ll look at what really works for YOU to get clients and build your business, as well as where your sweet spot is for marketing and sales. 

It’s one thing to design an action plan of 10 simple activities you’ll do each day; it’s another entirely to have those things be activities that make your heart sing and your business move forward.

Get Clients Now! C.J. Hayden

Who Uses the Get Clients Now! Program

Accountants • Attorneys • Architects • Bodyworkers • Chiropractors

Coaches • Computer Professionals • Consultants • Counselors

Designers • Engineers • Financial Advisors • Freelancers

Health Practitioners • Insurance & Investment Brokers

MLM Distributors • Photographers • Real Estate Agents • Recruiters

Salespeople • Speakers • Therapists • Trainers • Writers • YOU!

This course is for you if...

You've read the book, yet aren't sure exactly how to make the best use of it, or have gotten stuck along the way.

You haven't yet read the book, and you'd like expert guidance in implementing the system the book teaches.

You’re ready to “get on it,” business-wise.

You have business goals you’ve been wanting to pursue, yet haven’t had the time, energy, or focus.

You’re feeling overwhelmed about marketing, or are unsure where to start.

This Course Includes:

Success Tips

Pro tips and success secrets you won't find in the book, provided by someone who knows the Get Clients Now! program intimately, has used it personally, and has led hundreds of like-minded people like you through it.

Course Modules

Course modules that walk you step by step through designing a program that's just right for you and your business.


Fillable and printable worksheets to use as you go through the program.

Learning Formats

Audio and text versions of each lesson.


A resource library to help you get unstuck and keep going when things feel tough.


A toolkit of tested sales and marketing techniques to choose from.

Motivational Messages

Daily messages that are program-specific, motivational, and informative to keep you focused and on track.

Guided Lessons

A welcome message from C.J. Hayden (author of Get Clients Now!) and Kristine Carey (Director of Training for Get Clients Now!, and your guide through the program).

Ready to get going?

Purchase the Get Clients Now! Virtual Success Course now and get instant access to everything you’ll need to get your 28-day program started right away. 

This Online Course Brings the Get Clients Now! Book To Life

It takes everything the book has to offer and goes deeper, staying with you as you design your program and work through the actions to achieve the goal you're after.

There are only two requirements for using this course.

The Get Clients Now! book, 3rd edition

Everything we'll do is based on the book; if you don't already own a copy, you'll be able to purchase one using the link inside the course.

A keen interest

to move your business forward, and a willingness to take the actions to do so!

Purchasing the Get Clients Now! Virtual Success Course

gives you access to the online course that brings the Get Clients Now! book to life.


A complimentary membership to Kristine's Reinvention Central portal, which provides inspiration and access to resources to help you along your Reinvention Journey.

What are the benefits?

Course modules that lead you step by step to create a marketing action plan you will follow for 28 days.

Detailed, personal guidance to go deeper into the book's nuances, and help you put together a program that's just right for YOU!

Pro tips from someone who's used the book herself, and led hundreds of people through it.

A self-study curriculum designed to make the book easier to follow and the system simpler to implement.

Now’s the time… 

Buy your copy of the Get Clients Now! Virtual Success Course now and get immediate access to everything you need to take your business to the next level using the 28-day program!