Kristine loves bringing her motivational message to groups and would be honored to work with yours.

Her natural style translates quickly, putting audiences at ease so they can hear her message and take immediate action on what matters to them most. Audiences walk away with information and inspiration!


Keynote Presentation:


The Alchemy of Business: You and Your Business as Partners


Ever wonder how people who are successful in business make it? Some make it through sheer force of will, others are marketing geniuses. Still others seem to have an ethereal connection with their business; a partnership. What if this ethereal connection – a partnership with your business – is one of the foundational factors in being successful?


In this interactive presentation you’ll:

  • Be introduced to the idea that you don’t “own” your business; rather, you two are partners.
  • Learn how to identify and talk with your business.
  • Let go of pushing your way through and realize working as partners allows more flow, creativity and success to come through.
  • Understand working as partners insures happy clients, a happy bank account, a happy you and a happy business.
  • Realize how rare this level of clarity is in the business world and how it gives you and your business an edge.


Part yoga-for-the-mind, part inspiration, part how-to, you’ll walk away confident of who you are, who your business is, and how you two can work together to create the business-y goodness you’d like to bring to the world.


Breakout Sessions:


Five Fabulous Characteristics of Successful Business Owners

Ever wonder what makes businesses succeed?  Looking at different businesses, a pattern emerges: owners of these companies – ranging from 1 person to 25 people or larger – share traits that allow them to be successful.  Curious about what those traits are?

This informative presentation:

  • Reviews five fabulous characteristics, delving into each one to learn more about it.
  • Gives you, the a business owner, an opportunity to try on these characteristics and see which ones you find appealing.
  • Sets aside time to do a gap analysis of which characteristics you currently employ and which ones you’d like to add, and brainstorm about how you might incorporate them.

This is a fun and interactive presentation, so come ready to learn, think, and expand!


Discovering & Using Your Super Powers in Your Business

Check out a video of this topic here, taken at the Thriving Women in Business Symposium, a day long TED style event for women business owners:

Navigating a successful business takes skill, so set yourself up for success by learning about your Super Powers and how to use them effectively in your business (and beyond!).

In this interactive presentation you’ll:

  • Learn what a Super Power is and how to discover yours
  • Understand how to use your Super Powers for good rather than evil
  • Experience the relief and focus that comes from being in the flow of your Super Powers

You’ll leave with actionable items you can put into place right away to start thriving in your business!


Get Your Next Client

Check out a video of this topic here, taken at the Thriving Women in Business Symposium, a day long TED style event for women business owners:

Are you ready for more business?  Would you like to learn ways to connect with your clients that are best suited to you?  This participatory presentation covers the basics of:

  • Knowing what types of marketing strategies are best for you, based on your strengths
  • Finding people who are your likely clients
  • Keeping your foot gently on the marketing gas

Whether you’re new to business or a seasoned business owner, getting clients is a necessary part of staying in business. This presentation explores several techniques to make getting your next client easier, combining marketing how-to with bigger picture concepts of you as a business owner. You’ll leave empowered with the knowledge of where to place your efforts for best results in your business.

Or a specific presentation developed around your theme!


Kristine brings tiny business, free agents, and the otherwise self-employed the clarity and mettle required to build and maintain a successful business.


As a result of her motivational and experiential talks, you’ll walk away with:

  • A changed view of business and life from an exercise in conformity to one of freedom and creativity.
  • A shift in perspective from one of a trade-offs to one of opportunities.
  • The resources needed to achieve desired results.
  • The know-how to stop pushing and create a space for your ideal work to flourish; access to more ease, fun and financial success.
  • An ability to uncover the energy and motivation needed to allow your business – and life – to thrive.


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