10 Ways to Know You’re a Highly Sensitive Person

1. When you read the story about the Princess and the Pea, you thought the story was written about you.


2. You like the romantic ideal of going on the Ferris wheel, but thinking about that much spinning makes you woozy.


3. In fact, the thought of all the lights, lines and movement at the amusement park seems overwhelming, so you decide to stay home and read a book instead.


4. You avoid twisty roads, and if you have to go on one you prefer to drive, really slowly, with your head hanging out the window, competing for space with your dog.


5. You know a lot about guest towels and fancy hand soap from hiding in the bathroom at someone’s house, just to get a few minute’s relief from the dinner party.


6. You have several changes of clothes and/or shoes for the day; you never know which textures are going to feel the best in a few hours.


7. When you leave the house you take provisions with you: food, water, the above changes of clothes/shoes, unscented soap, reading material…


8. When you sit down at a restaurant table you immediately notice the type of napkins they use, how the texture feels, and know whether or not they are going to fuzz all over your outfit.


9. Your dvr is full of shows like Nova, Mr. Rogers and Property Brothers. In fact, you might as well own stock in PBS & HGTV.


And the number 10 way you know you are an HSP…


You realize you just spent five minutes noticing the sky, seeing the certain shade of blue it turns this time of day, feeling the fullness of life, and being grateful you notice the small details that many are unaware of.

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