It’s Going to Be OK

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It’s Going to Be OK

Do you ever feel like where you’re headed doesn’t make sense? Or that you have something to convey, yet you’re having a hard time getting your point across? Or maybe you’re following the energy, going where it leads you, and it’s not going in a straight line and you find yourself thinking, what the hell…?
My coach, friend and mentor, Andrea Lee, turned me on to a video some years ago that I think you’ll appreciate: Imagination
Truth is, this election cycle has been hard for me; all the intense negativity and finger pointing have got me down. I put on my energetic seat belt, strapped myself in for the bumpy ride and have been going along as best I can. And, I’m still optimistic that there’s a bigger vision at play. This requires faith and a certain amount of letting go – much like our little friend in the video. His vision was clear, no one understood it, and I’m imagining a time or two he may have questioned his actions. Nevertheless, he stuck to it and made a fantastic picture.

This is how is goes for us as humans – not always privy to the bigger picture yet hanging on none-the-less, clinging to however much of the vision we have access to. Take care of yourself this week, whatever state you find yourself in. If you need to, put on your own energetic seat belt and stay grounded… it’s going to be OK.


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