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Apr 23rd
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April’s almost over and I can hardly believe it – seems like it should still

be February. Spring has been nice in San Francisco, and I know it’s Spring

because my allergies have kicked into gear. I’m enjoying the sense of
renewal, the flowers and I even played hooky to watch a pre season baseball
game between the Giants and the A’s. What Spring activities are you up to?
Today you can reflect on Spring as you read the article; perhaps a sense of
renewal and understanding will come newly your way.

Enjoy ~



What’s this about?
This past weekend I participated in Aggie Muster. In case you’re not
sure what that is, it all stems from Texas A&M University, home of the
Fightin’ Texas Aggies. Muster started in 1883 and every year since Aggies
have followed the tradition: “If there is an A&M man in one-hundred miles of
you, you are expected to get together, eat a little, and live over the days
you spent at the A&M College of Texas.” A role call of the fallen is also
included, and the living answer “here” for their comrades.

I went to Texas A&M because my step-Dad wanted me to. He loves the Military
tradition and all the mystique that goes along with it. I just wanted to
get through college and figure out what I wanted to do and what school I did
that at didn’t much matter to me. So over the years I’ve wondered why I
went there (beyond the obvious reason I just stated), what I got out of it,
what that whole part of my life was about.

Muster day, this past Saturday, found me surrounded by Aggies. Since I’m
the Strategic Adviser on the Board of Directors for the local club I
participated in presenting the Muster program. I ate BBQ. I lived over the
old days. I made new friends and deepened friendships. And I listened to
Barry Stevens, Class of ’83 and a 12th Man, talk about the community that
brought us together. That’s when I got it — going to Texas A&M for me was
about the people and the community, things that I value very highly and that
I actively court in my life today. Thank you, Barry, for pointing out the
obvious to me, even it it did take 20+ years for me to understand. I get it
now. Gig ’em!

Your turn: What has it taken you a long time to understand? What light
bulb finally flipped and you all of a sudden saw what you had been missing?
Post your comments below.


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What I’m up to

Just attended the Wealthy Thought Leader 3 day conference via simulcast and
it was fabulous
Getting excited to see Roger Waters preform The Wall live
Brainstorming my business with my pal Jenna Avery
Enjoying time with my Border Collie Mancha


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