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Summer is upon us here in San Francisco, which means we have days of sunshine and warmth (high 60’s – low 70’s) alternating with days of fog and wind where the sun emerges for a handful of hours in the middle of the day (high in the mid-60’s).  Feels surreal to me that as the rest of the country is sweltering (my colleague in Palm Springs said it was 113 this week!) while I’m using an extra blanket on my bed at night… Whatever summer has brought you I hope you’re having fun and enjoying yourself – and soak up some sunshine for me!

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Jazz Thinking as a Good Thing

Recently I was at the SF Museum of Modern Art for a member’s monthly tour; each month the docent and theme of the tour are different.  One of my favorite docents, Denis, structures his tour around art and music – he picks out 5 or so paintings, and chooses music from that same time period to accompany it.  The results are amazing!  I saw a Picasso come to life with some wild & crazy free jazz, and a Mondrian take on a completely different perspective when combined with Django Reinhardt.  Slowing down enough to stand in front of a painting for 5 minutes in and of itself changes the experience…add in the music and I feel as though I’m inside the art, part of a crazy, crooked concoction that I didn’t have access to before.  Access to new combinations, far out thoughts, dark recesses of my mind – places where new ideas are born, things I take for granted are shown in a new light, and even seemingly impossible things are possible.

Here’s a small example; check it out for yourself ~

Listen to this music: ‘Round Mindnight played by the Miles Davis Quintet

While looking at this painting: Whose Blues by Leo Valledor

What seems possible now that didn’t a minute ago?

You can get a fresh perspective, recombine a few things, and let jazz thinking take over anytime you want – anytime you feel stuck and could use a different approach.  Allow yourself to lean into the crookedness and see what is possible when you’re hanging upside down.  And throw in a little wild art and music for good measure!  Email me ~ I’m curious what you come up with!

“Nothing natural or interesting grows in a straight line.  As a matter of fact, it is the quickest way to the wrong place. Don’t pretend to know where you’re going. Because if you know where you’re going, that means you’ve been there, and you are going to end up exactly where you came from.  Crooked thinking is jazz, baby, jazz.” — From page 87 of Comfort Secrets for Busy Woman by Jennifer Louden (and excerpted from the movie Snake Talk)

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