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Today is an out-of-control, gorgeous day here in San Francisco, the kind we only get a few times a year.  And although I’ve been working away, I took a few minutes to go out with my dog Mancha and enjoy playing outside.  The office doors have been wide open, with the sun and breeze making it a very pleasant day.  This morning as I walked along the waterfront, enjoying the weather before I got my day going, I was reminded of Ulysses, and how he tied himself to the mast; more on that below.  Wherever this newsletter finds you, I hope you are enjoying it as much as Mancha and I are!


Tie Yourself to the Mast
Remember the story of Ulysses, when he was passing the Sirens and asked to be tied to the mast so he wouldn’t succumb to their Siren Song and smash into the rocks?  I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.  What constitures a Siren Song?  What may warrant tieing yourself to the mast? 

In business, as in life, there will be many Siren Songs to tempt you.  For instance, should I upgrade my website because someone just told me I should?  Or, maybe I’ll spend more time figuring out how this problem happened <insert problem here> before I take action on it.  Even, I screwed up my offer to my clients, think I’ll hide in embarassment and not try again.  Any of these sound familiar, or remind you of something you may have done yourself?

The good news is,  Ulysses was smart enough to have his men put beeswax in their ears, get out the sturdy roupe, and tie him up – all in preparation to avoid hearing the Sirens, heeding their call.  What do you need to tie yourself up about in order to escape the Sirens?  What shiny, reasonable sounding thing is calling for your attention, that you should sail by?  Hit reply and let me know what Sirens you’re facing, how you plan to sail by them, and what kind of rope you’re using!

Upcoming Groovy Things

Two things are coming up that I’m excited to share with you!

The first is that i was recently interviewed by Lev Natan as part of his Social Entrepreneur Interview Series.  We discussed, among other things, what inspired me to become an entrepreneur, what challenges I’ve faced, and how I inject meaning into my work.  My interview should be up within the week; to hear me, you can register here:

Secondly, a reminder of the Super Women Summit for Women Entrepreneurs; the facebook fanpage has exploded.  There are a lot of fantastic women involved in this project, which begins next week.  Like the fan page, and sign up now to participate!

P.S. My talk is on April 27th – hope to “see” you there!




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