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Tucson in February

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I’m recently back from Tucson, where I joined my fantastic coach, Andrea Lee, a kick butt business coach David Goldsmith, and Chris Carmichael (Lance Armstrong’s cycling coach) and the Carmichael Training Systems (CTS) athletic coaches for a little experience they called “Tour de Coach“.  What an amazing event – by far the most impactive thing I’ve done for myself personally and professionally in a long while.  Here’s me being very cold, talking to Jeremie Miller:

For three days we were asked personal coaching questions about ourselves, our clients, and our businesses, and we combined that thinking with being athletically coached.  That means we were all outside cycling, jogging, or swimming under the guidance of the CTS coaches with “coaching questions” in our heads, and it made a huge difference.  One tidbit I’m taking away, of the many things I experienced, is the reminder of how important it is to keep your body moving, and how that can take care of a lot of what we get our minds tangled around.  I’ll be practicing this, and invite you to join along: ask a question, hold it in your mind, and get your body moving.  Let me know what happens after that, k?




Client Story: Are You Being A Wuss?

During December I was talking with one of my favorite clients, a small business owner with a lot on his mind.  December is the busiest time of year for him, as it likely is for you – personal demands, year end things to tie up, general wackiness in the air.  Because there was so much going on, I slipped into triage mode, as in, let’s just get through December, and in January we can look at new goals, renewing ideas that we haven’t completed yet, and the like.  His response was something like, “Time’s wasting on these items and I need to get them done. I’m just being a wuss.”


I have rarely known any person who works as hard as this man does, and who has this great a capacity to get stuff done and move his goals along.  And here he was calling himself a wuss because during the busiest month of the year he was having trouble keeping everything going along as normal, as well as take time to plan for the future.  I’m all for future planning, but let’s do it when we’ve got our brains and energy levels more at our disposal…which leads me back to my time at Tour de Coach.  Chris Carmichael was asked what to do when you’ve over trained, and his answer was there’s no such thing as over training, just under recovering.  This man was over training with minimal recovery time, which is a sure recipe for burnout.  It’s like running your car without checking the oil, and eventually the oil runs out and the engine seizes up — the car just stops, metal on metal.  If you are an over trainer, please do yourself a favor and set aside adequate recovery time; the recovery time should be enough for you to feel refreshed and ready to get back to it.  Sometimes less really is more.

Today’s question and action: Where are you over training and under recovering? What can you do – today – to restore some balance and get refreshed?


Select Opening for VIP Coaching

Ever considered individual coaching? Tired of working toward your goals alone? Ready to to really go for it in a big way and create a work life – and life life – you love?  I am introducing a new VIP coaching option with more physical experiences, scripted learning, as well as one-to-one coaching. This level of attention is definitely for you if:

* You are an experienced business owner whose mojo is lagging, and/or feel it’s time for a tweak to your current m.o.
* You are in the early stages of your business and want some extra time for gaining perspective, brainstorming and strategic thinking
* You want an extra level of accountability, depth and attention for your goals

As a VIP offering this costs a bit more, and requires more time on your part – all in service of producing even faster, more profound results.  This isn’t right for everyone, so if you’re interested in finding out if this is for you let’s have a discovery session (45 minutes, totally f*r*e*e).  This is a chance for us to talk and “discover” what your next step is – perhaps it’s VIP coaching!  Curious?  Please do it now so you’ll remember – call 415.706.5141 or schedule online at  I can only coach a few people at this level, so contact me soon to get started…look forward to it!



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