Your Personal Formula for Business Success

Your Formula for BusinessSuccess 2

There are plenty of formulas for having a thriving business that you love; every business book seems to have one. The formula I’m sharing today came from watching my clients, what worked for them and what seemed to happen naturally. Without further ado, here’s the formula:

+ Mojo
+ Clarity on Ideal Work Ingredients
+ Inspired, Consistent Action
= Business Love & Success

Let’s break out each piece and explore it more.


The dictionary defines Mojo as magic, magic spells, and voodoo, as well as uncanny personal power or influence. I think of it as the secret sauce that is you, your charm and charisma. This *doesn’t* mean you need to be Austin Powers; this *does* mean you need to be yourself and let your natural magnetism come through.

Clarity on Ideal Work Ingredients

There is a set of conditions under which you, and your business, thrive. I think of these as Ideal Work Ingredients: things like where you do your work (physical location), what skills you use, who you work with as colleagues and clients, how you dress, what activities you spend most of your time on, etc. Picture when you feel the most thriving personally, and your business is successful, and make a list of what is going on in and around you. That’s the clue to discovering your Ideal Work Ingredients.

Inspired, Consistent Action

This may seem obvious and yet is very easy to forget. In my own business, and for many of my clients, remembering to stay in action is one of the first things to go when stress hits, or business slows down (ironic yet true), or something else seems more important. And we’re not talking just any action; specifically, INSPIRED action, action that matters to you and your business. Not action for action’s sake – something that you like, that moves you forward and that makes you and your business thrive.

I’m the last person to say there is only one formula for business love and success, so try this one on and see how it fits. If you like it, it’s yours! Here’s to you finding your Mojo, incorporating your Ideal Career Ingredients, and staying in *inspired* action. Drop me a line and let me know how it goes!


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