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Wednesday, Jan 25th
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I spent this past Sunday like many in the Bay Area, watching the NFL playoff

games to see if the 49ers were going to the Super Bowl. Alas, they are not,
and yet I had a great time being out with others, enjoying old friends and
talking to new people around me. As I watched the crowd I noticed how happy
and engrossed they all seemed, which reminded me of “The Value of
Happiness”, the most recent issue of the Harvard Business Review. More of
my thoughts on that below. Here’s to your happiness.


The Value of Happiness
The January-February 2012 issue of the Harvard Business Review is about the
Value of Happiness and they have some great articles about what happiness
means to us as individuals, as managers and participants in a company, and
as a country. One of my favorite revelations of these articles is from
[1]Daniel Gilbert, and Harvard psychology professor, who says that
“…people are happiest when they’re appropriately challenged – when they’re
trying to achieve goals that are difficult but not out of reach.” I have
had many a client who claims to be more motivated by stretch goals, yet when
we renegotiate the end goal to be a stretch but not a s-t-r-e-t-c-h goal
they relax and actually get more done.
1. http://hbr.org/2012/01/the-science-behind-the-smile/ar/1

There is a fine line of being on the edge as a good thing vs. being too much
on the edge – a challenge that makes us want to do more vs. a challenge that
is so far out of reach that we feel disincentivised even before we begin.
The more challenged you are, in a good way, the more you’ll get done and the
happier you’ll be ~ seems like a pretty easy equation, right? Test this out
this week and see what happens: set out a “good” challenge for yourself and
notice how happy you feel and how you work toward it, then report the
results back to me. I bet you’ll be right on target, happy-wise and
work-wise 🙂


Already have a good business? Feel like you could use a little polishing up
in the passion department, a bit of a kickstart to turn up the heat, a
slight tweak to make it even more amazing?

“Let Your Business Turn You On” is a system I’ve designed to do just that!
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Items Of Note


_On the Calendar_
April 19 – 21 in Vancouver: Attending the [2]Wealthy Thought Leader
Conference w Andrea Lee
Wednesday, April 25 in San Francisco – Teaching at the SBA: Are you using
your Super Powers in your business?
Wednesday, May 16 in Palo Alto – presenting to the American Women in Science
about navigating and building their careers on their own terms
2. http://wealthythoughtleader.com

What I’m up to

Being cold & wet from all the rain
Watching the 49ers miss their shot at this year’s Super Bowl
Tracking my happiness via www.trackyourhappiness.org

_Upcoming Get *stuff* Done Day, Friday February 3_

Mark your calendar – get *stuff* done day is coming up soon ~ Friday,
February 3 from 10 – 2 PT (1 – 5 ET). We had a motivated group in January,
and people accomplished all manner of tasks, from assembling a filing system
and filling it up to picking tomatoes.

What do you want to get done? Join in on Feb. 3 and let’s get to it!
Call in number: 760.569.7676
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For more information about get *stuff* done day,
[3]read here.
3. https://kristinecarey.com/upcoming-events/get-stuff-done-day


About Kristine
Maybe you feel like something’s out of place, but you’re not sure what, or
what to do about it? Kristine is kind of like a chiropractor for your
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