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Friday, Mar 23rd
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Happy Friday! It’s been a full couple of weeks here: I’ve attended 3 – 2 to

3 day workshops, hatched a new idea for a product I think you’ll like (stay
tuned) and had some great times with friends and colleagues. All of this
has been great fun as well as challenging; more on that below. For now
let’s lean into this fabulous Friday and let it carry us forth into the
weekend 🙂

Enjoy ~



-It’s Going To Be OK-
Do you ever feel like what you’re doing doesn’t make sense? Or that you
have something to convey, yet you’re having a hard time getting your point
across? Or maybe you’re following the energy, going where it leads you, and
it’s not going in a straight line and you find yourself thinking, *what the

My coach, friend and mentor, [1]Andrea Lee, turned me on to a video some
years ago that I think you’ll appreciate: [2]Imagination

Truth is, this is how the last 5 weeks have been for me. I’m minding my own
business, following the energy and all kinds of crazy stuff, personally and
professionally, has shown up. I put on my energetic seatbelt, strapped
myself in for the bumpy ride and have been going along as best I can. And,
while I have an general idea of the direction I’m heading, it’s not clear.
This requires faith and a certain amount of letting go – much like our
little friend in the video. His vision was clear, no one understood it, and
I’m imagining a time or two he may have questioned his actions.
nevertheless, he stuck to it and made a fantastic picture.

This is how is goes for us as humans – not always privy to the bigger
picture yet hanging on none the less, clinging on to however much of our
vision we have access to. What wild ride might you find yourself on right
now? How can you relax into into it so as to make the ride go more
smoothly? What energetic seatbelt might you employ to feel more grounded as
you go along? Hit reply – I’d love to have a companion on this ride!!


-Save the Date-
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Friday, April 6
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Get *stuff* Done Day is coming up in a couple of weeks and people who join
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Here’s the dial in information:

_Friday, April 6
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_Conference dial-in number: (760) 569-7676_
_Participant access code: 272204_

You can learn more about Get *stuff* Done Day [4]here.



-On the Calendar-

Friday, April 6 via teleconference: Get *stuff* Done Day
Thursday, April 19 – Saturday April 21 via simulcast: Attending the Wealthy
Thought Leader event with Andrea Lee
Wednesday, April 25 in San Francisco: Teaching at the SBA – Business
Success on Your Own Terms
Thursday, May 3 at West Valley College: Top level leadership team
faciliation using the StrengthsFinder profile
-What I’m up to-

Getting ready for Aggie Muster in April
Having brunch with one of my oldest friends from high school and college
this weekend, who I haven’t seen in 20+ years
Enjoying time with my Border Collie Mancha
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