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Happy Fall Day! Today I’m pulling together a few odds and ends to share with you, most notably gsdd – get *stuff* done day, which I’m pretty excited to get started; I look forward to having you participate in it’s inaugural voyage. More info below.Things are cool and crisp here in San Francisco and I am enjoying feeling the weather change, watching college football, and anticipating Thanksgiving. What are your favorite things about Fall? Whatever they may be I hope you’re enjoying them all.
Announcing a new coaching feature starting Friday, Dec. 2: 
get *stuff* done day (gsdd)

Isn’t it the way sometimes that you have a lot you want to do and it feels like there’s not enough time to do it? Here’s a fun, community supported solution: get *stuff* done day. The idea is simple: during certain hours we’ll come together virtually with our individual to do lists and the aim of getting *stuff* done! Once a month, for 4 hours, you’ll be able to concentrate on contacting clients, reading professional material, cleaning up those piles on your desk, or whatever else is weighing on your mind. Organizing this monthly event has been in the works for me for some time and I’m excited to bring it to you and give your ideas, unfinished business, pending projects and dreams the attention they deserve!What are the benefits of get *stuff* done day? 
* A set time where you can hang out the do-not-disturb sign and focus on accomplishing what is most pressing for you.
* A community of like-minded people with whom to share your tasks, offer and receive support, and be accountable. We really do care if you get *stuff* done or not and how it’s going for you!
* Access to coaching should you feel stuck along the way.
* A fun and easy way to do those things you may have been putting off.
* A quick way to establish a pattern of action that can carry you through the rest of the month.Who can participate? 
gsdd is open to all who are interested. Come, bring a friend or colleague, and expand your network of support.

How much does it cost?
It’s f*r*e*e. Complimentary. On the house.

When does it happen?
The first Friday of every month from 10 – 2 PT (1 – 5 ET). The first gsdd is December 2, the next January 6, etc.

Where does it happen?
On the phone. I have a telephone conference call line we’ll use each month.

How long does it take?
Each event is 4 hours long, with a quick call at the top of the hour and the rest of the hour devoted to taking action.

What if I can’t stay the whole time?
You may participate as your schedule permits. Of course, the more time you devote, the more you’ll get done 🙂

Logistcially, how does it work?
1. Mark the date and time on your calendar.
2. Verify the phone number for the conference call line (normal long distance rates will apply).
3. Call in at the top of the hour. I and the other participants will gather on the call with you.
4. Each person has 30 seconds to introduce themselves and share what they want to accomplish in the next hour. Once everyone has spoken, we all hang up and get busy.
5. You spend the remainder of the hour getting *stuff* done!
6. At the top of the next hour call back into the conference call line, take 30 seconds and share how well you did with your task, then announce what the next hour’s task will be (it’s OK if it’s the same thing as the previous hour).
7. Rinse and repeat until all the hours of the get *stuff* done day are complete. There is a final call at the end of the last hour to wrap up for the day.
8. The total call time each hour is short, as the point is simply to announce yourself and your intentions, and then hang up and get busy!
9. I will be there each hour, facilitating and making sure you are making progress, as well as offering coaching if you hit a snag.
10. At the end of the day you have more accomplished than you did when you started – time to celebrate!!

~ Items Of Note ~
On the Calendar
gsdd – get *stuff* done dayJoin me for our maiden voyage
Friday, December 2
10 – 2 PT (1 – 5 ET)

Conference dial-in number: (760) 569-7676
Participant access code: 272204Bring your to do list and generally things you’d like to get done and get busy gettin’ after it. Please invite others who you think would like to participate, too; this is open to all.
“See” you on the conference line!!


What I’m up to
Making chili & other yummy Fall food
Watching the fightin’ Texas Aggies loose at football
Going to Dallas to visit my family for Thanksgiving
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