How Does She Do It?

How Does She Do It?

I have a client who is amazing at creating what she wants in life and business. As I thought of her this week I marveled at all she has achieved over the past several years: a fantastic man in her life, as much work as she can literally do (she’s a solopreneur), more money than she needs so she’s able to save and travel, and a host of loving friends and family. And while I know her to be an extraordinary woman, her big secret to all this success is something the rest of us know and I think sometimes forget….clarity about who we are, what we want in our life, and belief that we can have it, combined with inspired, consistent action.

If I were to make a formula out of what she’s doing, it would look like this:



clarity on what you want


belief you can have it





Take a look at this formula and ask yourself if any of these pieces feels lacking. Maybe you’re clear on what you want but don’t totally figure you can get it. Or you’ve been meaning to do some self introspective work yet haven’t set aside the time. The good news is that this is pretty straightforward stuff. Just dive in where ever makes sense and go from there; it’s a forgiving formula that will produce results with just the slightest tweak.

Play around with this for the next few weeks and see what happens. Pick one area of your business or life you’d like to move forward and see what you can create. Let the formula work for you, and see what fabulousity you can create!

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