What If It Were Easy?

what if it were easy to develop ease in business and life

A funny thing happened when I sat down to write this article about ease – it felt hard. Ironic, I know.


Here’s what happened.


I decided I wanted to write an article about ease for August – you know, lazy days of summer and all that. And yet when I tried to write about it, my thoughts weren’t really flowing, so I jotted a few things down and made a mental bookmark to return to it soon.


Except I didn’t return to it soon; instead, it sat around until I really needed to get it out to you. When I opened the document to finish it, I found my half-formed, semi-coherent, not-very-inspiring thoughts from before, and had this sense that writing an article about ease might indeed be hard! With a sigh, I erased everything I’d written, and decided to just start over.


And then I sat there and stared at the screen, watching the curser blink.


It was getting close to lunchtime, so rather than continue to struggle through, I went to get a sandwich. I didn’t actually need a sandwich – I had a fridge full of food – but at that moment getting a sandwich seemed like the most important thing I could do, so off the dog and I went to the little neighborhood market.


Not feeling in a rush, we took our time walking there, and when we arrived we browsed around, checking out shelves we normally don’t look at, noticing how many types of milk they carry, etc. Walking home with a bag full of random things – including the all-important sandwich – it occurred to me that this was ease.


Ease: giving yourself the time, space, and permission to be present with what is, and going with the flow.


(Rather than pushing through, forcing an outcome, or struggling against.)


When I sat down after lunch to make another pass at this article, things flowed, and sharing my story became an illustration of ease in action.


Where are you making things harder than you need to today? What if making things easy meant going with the flow of the moment and letting things unfold naturally?


Give yourself permission to take it easy today, and rest assured everything will unfold just right.


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