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Thanks, Nick
Recently I listened to an interview on Fresh Air with Nick Lowe. He was talking about success, fame, being human and becoming fully himself.  He mentioned that when he had his biggest fame he wasn’t fully in touch with himself – he had a great time, but found it tiring to be focued on staying relevant, being clever, looking cool.  Once the intial arc of fame passed he actully got in touch with what he really wanted to create, who he really wanted to be, and set about creating that person and that music.  Johnny Cash was his father-in-law for a time, and gave him the advice to just be himself and true success would follow; that’s what had worked for Johnny.  Looking back on Nick Lowe’s career I’d say he’s been successful in making his way professionally, based on who he is personally , *rather than* based on what he thought he should do (as he did during his fame in the 70’s).  Thanks Nick – you make it sound easy and make so much sense.

What facade are you putting up that may be stopping you from true fulfillment and success?  Hit reply and let me know, I’d love to hear what action you’ll take to overcome it!

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I hope the Fall finds you in good spirits and ready to do some great business!  I almost heard the “click” when it switched from summer to fall recently.  Fortunately for me in San Francisco that means more sun and outdoor time before the rainy, foggy winter decends.  On the business side, I’m excited to annouce the super special, upcoming secret … surprise, which you’ll learn more about in a few days.  Also, I’ll be starting a new feature in November called Action Days, so keep your eyes open for that.  As always, hit reply and keep in touch with any thoughts or questions this email brings up.
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Already have a good business?  Feel like you could use a little polishing up in the passion department, a bit of a kickstart to turn up the heat?

Stay tuned for a fantabulous opportunitiy to do just that!
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Monday, October 19 in San Francisco – Teaching at the SBA: Are you using your Super Powers in your business?
Saturday, October 22 in Oakland – Attending the Call to Fearlessness event with Meg Wheatley and Barbara McAfee
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Enjoying Fall apples
Watching the Blue Angels fly around town
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Rounding the final corner on the Right Brain Business Plan with coach pal Jenna Avery
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Maybe you feel like something’s out of place, but you’re not sure what, or what to do about it? Kristine is kind of like a chiropractor for your business – if you’re not feeling the love or producing the results you’d like to, it’s time for an adjustment. When you’re ready for your work life and business to rock again, hit reply on this email! Find out more at www.kristinecarey.com.
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