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Welcome to all my new subscribers from the Super Women Entrepreneurial Telesummit!  I had a great time being an expert on the summit with Vinca and sharing the spotlight with a lot of very cool women.  I hope you got some fun and useful bits from all the talks you attended.

I’ve just returned from a few days of r&r, as well as work; I attended the Wealthy Thought Leader event in Vancouver, put together by Andrea Lee and all her collaborators.  Attending her events always shakes up my snowglobe!  I have my life and business all arranged just so, then she and her fellow presenters come along with ideas I haven’t anticipated and bam – snowglobe turned upside down.  Truth is, that’s exactly why I love going, so guess I should be careful what I wish for 😉

Read on for my favorite snowglobe episode from the Wealthy Thought Leader event.  What turns your snowglobe upside down?




Ditch 90%

The Wealthy Thought Leader event was 3 days, and I was already glad I was there when on day 1 the first guest presenter was Michael Bungay Stanier.  If you haven’t come across his work, his is the genius behind box of crayons and he is a wacky, creative soul.  He had us do a visual mind map of a business idea we’ve been contemplating, and he supplied us with all the necessary tools:  blank paper, crayons, pencils, and markers.  Writing and drawing my idea was a lot of fun and I was going gung ho – pulling in bits I’d thought about, adding things that others had suggested – when he gave the next instruction: ditch 90% of what I had and use the remaining 10% as the new starting place.  Ditch 90%.  This request was freeing and frightening – what about all the good ideas on the page that didn’t make the cut?  Turns out they’d have to wait for another day, another project.  The remaining 10% is much sturdier, and I am more confident in what I can create.  Ultimately, ditching 90% is an act of permission and freedom; permission to do only what’s burning to come out, freedom to let the rest go and run with what is.

Me with Michael

Mind map for a Book about Work
My question for you is, what project or idea can you ditch 90% of and how soon will you do it?  Hit reply and let me know what happens.  I’m excited to see your hand drawn mind map, too!!




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