Opposite Day



Opposite Day: The day you choose to do everything contrary to how you would normally do things.

This morning I was thinking about the old TV show The Odd Couple and it occurred to me how much Felix and Oscar relied on each other, and how much fun they were able to have, despite their differences. Then I reflected on the adage of using your left hand to brush your teeth in order to establish new neural pathways in your brain. Which lead me to The Power of Habit (you can see the newsletter where I talk about the book here) where I learned the mechanics of a habit and how you can really shake up your habits with minor changes. And this thought thread leads us here, the place where I’m suggesting you treat yourself to Opposite Day.

On Opposite Day you can do whatever you want, as long as it’s 180 degrees from what you’d normally do, or the way you’d normally do it. Opposite Day is a chance to check out new things, revisit sticky problems, learn something new and have fun approaching your day from a different angle.

Why Opposite Day, you might ask?
-It offers new insights you can’t get from doing things as usual.
-Your change in behavior sparks new ideas for your business.
-It really does build new neural pathways in your brain, good for brain health.
-It’s fun!

Take this week to experiment with doing the opposite, your business will thank you. Here’s to Opposite Day!


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